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I Really hate how you're portraying her to be BAD, You, like COUNTLESS others on the Internet are Taking a Dump on her BEFORE SHE EVEN ...

Brilliant; I Love the idea of Ken Masters Shooting out a Turducken out of his palms; It's so Brilliant, I'm suprised he doesn't do that...

This actually makes COMPLETE And Total Sense; and Would Prefer THIS To Be True, than what We're being LEAD to believe by the Crewnivers...

She Looks ABSOLUTELY Beautiful; I Actually Love the Reboot, and I Don't care what ANYONE ELSE Thinks, It STILL has Morals, and Anyways,...


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Felix Manthrope
Name: Felix Manthrope
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Occupation: Exchange Student
Height: 5'11
Weight: 242
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Type: Straight
Eye Color: Brown(with Constricted Feral Cat-like Pupils)
Skin Color: Caucasian
Nationality: American
School: UA High
Year: 1st
Distinguishing Features: His Cat-Like Eyes, His Whiskers, His Protective Expandable Headband(It Helps people to Recognize him whenever he Transforms, so they Know he can be Trusted; also Allows for him to Understand and Speak Japanese)
Hero/Villain Profile
Hero/villain Name: Kamen Tora Nisei (to honor his Mother, AND It relates to his Quirk; and Is the CLOSEST Japanese word to Junior)
Costume: A Stretchy Flexible Spandex Suit based off of Tiger Mask(albeit without the Mask, as He can turn INTO A Tiger) though mostly the Pants, and a Tiger Patterned Shirt that doesn't tear and expands along with him as he Transforms and Detransforms)
Quirk: Tigrithrope(Basically Greek for Tiger man; basically Lycanthropy, But instead of Wolf, it's a Tiger)
Weapons: His Fists & Claws
Gadgets/Tech: A School Uniform that Is Stretchy, Flexible, and Expands to however big he gets, without Tearing(Saves a BOATLOAD of Money from having to spend it on New Uniforms every time they tear) Which He's wearing in this Picture; a Headband that can Translate Japanese to English and VICE VERSA(Looks exactly like the Headband he's wearing in this picture; Was given to him By Sharokku Awakiseru, to Help him to Understand Japanese himself, without him having to Translate every time)
Likes: Fish, Meat(unlike His Vegetarian Father; the Only type of Meat Felix HATES is Tiger Meat; for obvious Reasons), Swimming(unlike most Cats, & Big Cats; Tigers can swim, and often do), Helping Other People who are in Danger(UNLESS They're Bakugo, or as HE Refers to him, Baka-go(He COULD'VE Saved him, But Despised His Bullying, and His Superinflated Ego, and Superiority Complex, and His Selfishness, SO MUCH that He would NEVER even bother to save his Sorry Butt) Deku's First Costume(He saw a Picture of It, and thought it was the CUTEST Thing Ever; He Still has No Idea whether Deku was Embarrased by it or not after He Showed him the Picture)
Dislikes: Destroyed Uniforms, Tofu(Bean Curd curdles his Taste Buds)
Habits: Gushing with at Adorable Costumes Like Deku's First Costume with Big Wide Puppy-dog Eyes squeeing Kawaii!! Lashing Out at Bakugo whenever he insults a Fellow Hero, or Bullies them Going Full Tiger on him
Fears: Harming Any innocent Civillians, Being Targeted by Trophiend
Family: Logarr Manthrope(He Moved to His Deceased Wife's Homeland of Japan, to be with her spirit; He's a Widower; I Based him off of Garfield Logan, except more like he looked BEFORE He was bitten by that Sakutia-Infected Monkey, and he can transform; albeit He's not Green; it's just a Part of his Quirk; the ONLY Reason he was Spared by Trophiend is because His Dead Body would revert to his human state, and HE DOESN'T WANT HUMANS on His Wall, He wants Animals; And the same for his Son, except that He's also WAY too young, and Would be TOO easy, Not fun at all, and Completely Unsatisfying) Tajosei Onnatora[(Onnatora Manthrope after she Married Logarr 7 years before Felix was Born) Was a Pro Wrestler, who was A Face in the Ring, and just as big an Inspiration in the ring as All Might was in the world and eyes of Heroes; Her Quirk was a Mutant one, She was a Tiger-Lady, complete with tail & Whiskers; and was the Famous Kamen Tora; NOT TO BE CONFUSED With Tiger Mask; a Quirkless Human Male Wrestler, who ONLY has the Mask shaped like a Tiger, wheras Kamen Tora was a Female Mutant Quirked Wrestler with a White Domino Mask and Pants similar to the Tiger Mask's pants, but has a White & Black Striped Female Muscle Shirt on to hide her Oppai(Those who Watch One Punch Man, and Looks at his Oppai Jacket, Should Know what Oppai are; Because I'm Not saying what they are, Perverts) But was Killed one day by a Animalistic Quirked Human Hunter who called himself the Trophiend, and took his Kills as his Trophies; and this was After they moved to America; and Raised him)
Romantic Interests: Hasn't found one yet(He's STILL Looking, though)
Allies: Deku(He sees him as the IDEAL Hero, and None are as pure a Hero as he is, and He's Very Observant and Smart), Tenya(He Empathizes with Him; Because His Mother was Killed by a teme as well, albeit NOT The Same One; as Trophiend the teme who Murdered his Mother, ONLY Targets Animalistic  Quirk Heroes, such as those who are Mutants or Transformers, As He's a Hunter, and ever since the Pandemic Spread of Quirks, He's had a Boatload of potential Trophies to Display, since He's Not interested in Hunting Pure Humans, whether Quirkless OR Non-Animalistic Quirked Heroes AND Villains; THAT'S Right, He doesn't just Kill Heroes, He Kills VILLAINS too; as long as they're Animalistic, they're on his Hit List to get Hunted), Shoto Todoroki(He Feels sorry for him, Having such a JACKHOLE Father who's a Sociopath, and Complete D-bag, and the D DOESN'T stand for the word Dirt) Sharokku Awakiseru(they both have a Common Enemy; the exact same one)
Rivals: Minoru[Doesn't care for him, since He's a USELESS PERVERT; calls him Ero Budo-atama(Pervert Grape-Head)]
Enemies: Trophiend(The Teme who killed His Mother), Bakugo(He HATES Him, Because of how Cruel, Selfish, and how big a Jackhole he is; and Even says that he's a Burden to BOTH Sides of Villains vs Heroes, Because He ONLY Cares about himself right or wrong), Endeavour(He Despises that D-Bag Daddy; makes him MORE Thankfully that HIS Father was much more Loving than THIS Kisama)
Physical Weaknesses: Is Feral & Uncontrollable during a Blood Moon; 
Mental/Emotional Weaknesses: Will NOT Help selfish heroes such as Bakugo/Baka-go, or Endevaour(though he WILL Help his son, Since He's Unlike his D-bag Dad) no matter HOW MUCH their Lives are in Danger, Lashes out at Certain Villains like Trophiend
Name of your quirk: Tigrithrope
Description: Being able to change from Human to wereTiger, including whether it's just his Arms, His Legs, or his entire Body 
Strength: Strength of a Tiger; the Strength of 30 Men
Weaknesses: Automatically Becomes Completely Weretiger during a Full Moon(Still can think Rationally though), though ONLY goes Completely Feral and Attacks Indiscriminately during a Blood Moon, where he Requests to be Chained up heavily on such an Occasion, in a Dark Windowless Room, so He Cannot see the Red Light of the Blood Moon and cannot hurt anyone
What age did you obtain it: 7
How did you obtain it (what was happening at the time): Grieving and Seething at Seeing his Mother get Killed at a Wrestling Match, and having her Body Taken by the Trophiend, and lashing out at him;

Felix Manthrope and His American Father, Logarr Manthrope & His Japanese Mother Tajosei Onnatora and the Trophiend @ Me AKA LarioLario54321 
My Hero Academia AND all canon Characters @ Kohei Horikoshi
Mega Anime Avatar Creator @ Rinmaru 
Steven Mimikins in Unova
Note: For As Long as LP # 36 Is Still ongoing; and If Net Neutrality isn't repealed; This will Be Updated OFTEN

This is Steven Mimikins, aka The Pokemon Universe Counterpart of Chuggaaconroy, Cosplaying as Hilbert, during his MOST Recent, and Currently Ongoing Trip in Unova, during Chuggaaconroy's Walkthrough of Black & White;
Here's His Current Roster(Will Be Updated when New Members are Added, IF AND O-N-L-Y IF Deviantart is STILL Accessable after Net Neutrality was Repealed by the FCC):
White Version
Ottowa The Female Dewott(Shown here back when she was an Oshawott)
Lilipup the Male Lillipup
Lilipap the Female Lillipup
Lillipip the Female Lillipup 
Lillipep the Female Lillipup
Lilipoop the Female Lillipup WITHOUT Pickup(Now in His PC)
Berk the Lillipup
Salsa the Semisear(Formerly was a Pansear named 721st)
Haywire the Zebstrika(Evolved from Blitzle in Episode 22: Queen Elesa)
Throw the Throh
Fluffee the Cottonee
A Celebi
A Zorua
Terrabite the Krokorok(Evolved from Sandile in Episode 22: Queen Elesa)
A Darumaka
Backtrakng the Roggenrola
Roc the Archen
Hilbert the Trubbish
Mincewords the Minccino 
A Zoroark
Blueeye the Basculin
Hordier the Herdier
Deerjaling the Deerling
Necessity the Tranquill

Black Version: 
Jaya the Servine
Burk the Herdier
Lillipop the Lillipup
Birk the Lillipup
Bork the Lillipup
Bark the Lillipup
Boggle the Dwebble
Goldenpant the Scraggy
Honu the tirtouga 

Steven Mimikins @ Me AKA LarioLario54321 
Pokemon @ Nintendo
Pokemon Trainer Creator @ Hapuriainen 

P.S. ALL OF YOU WHO WATCH ME, DO WHATEVER YOU CAN DO TO SAVE NET NEUTRALITY; SO THAT WE CAN ALL ENJOY CHUGGAACONROY FOR YEARS TO COME!! P.S. Ensure the Congressional Review Act gets Passed, so that Net Neutrality ISN'T so Doomed after all!!!
Sharokku Awakiseru
Name: Sharokku Awakiseru
Gender: Male
Age: 34
Sexual Orientation: Grayromantic Asexual(He's Not Really interested in a Relationship with ANYONE, Though there's this ONE Woman that really gets to him; Something about her Fascinates him, Maybe it's her Intellect, Maybe it's that she often Outsmarts & Outwits him; and It also simultaneously Gets under his skin)
Occupation: Globe-trotting International Detective-for-Hire chasing after The Trophiend AKA Zaron Gatheroff, the Moriarty to HIS Holmes; 
Height: 6' 0''
Weight: 150
Hair Color: Blond
Hair Type: straight
Eye Color: Sky Blue
Skin Color: Fair
Nationality: British
School: N/A
Year: N/A
Distinguishing Features: His Sky Blue Eyes, His Calabash Bubble Pipe, His Skyblue Turtleneck and Blue Glasses, and Blue Sandshoes(aka Sneakers albeit without Laces but with Velcro Straps)
Hero/Villain Profile
Hero/villain Name: Sherlock Bubblepipe(Basically the Same as his Real Birth name, as Sharokku Awakiseru is his Japanese Name)
Costume: A Cosplay of Sherlock Holmes, Complete with Deerstalker, and Trenchcoat
Quirk: Bubbler(Makes Bubbles for Multiple Purposes, such as Storage of Evidence and more, Sterilization, Combat, Trapping Foes until the Police come, catching Projectiles, etc; Basically It Only pops whenever HE wants them to, or when a Police Officer does the exact same Process that he Uses, and CANNOT Be Popped from the Inside, WITH ANYTHING, )
Weapons: His Calabash Pipe(That's how he produces the Bubbles)
Gadgets/Tech: His Pipe, His Storage TrenchCoat(Basically Like those Contraband-Filled Coats, which Crooks use to store their Wares, like the Hustler Kid from Recess; Except it's Legal, and Where he Keeps things he has Placed in Bubbles, Like Magnifying Glasses, Evidence, tools, ETC
Likes: Solving Mysteries and Stopping Crime
Dislikes: Criminals, Crime, Racism
Habits: Blowing into his Pipe when he's asleep, Complete with Zs inside; When Angry, He Blows into his Pipe, Producing 1 G, and Several Rs
Fears: Buttons, 
Family: Mycroft Bubblepipe(aka Maikurofuto Awakiseru in Japan)
Romantic Interests: NONE
Allies: Felix Manthrope(Have a Common Enemy)
Rivals: Airin Adriba(That woman; who's an Anti-Hero/Mercenary for Hire, ONLY In it for the Money; and rivals him in Intellect and cunningness; Something about her REALLY gets to him)
Enemies: Zaron Gatheroff aka the Trophiend
Physical Weaknesses: doesn't have Infinite Stamina to Produce Infinite Bubbles; and as such, doesn't really pariticipate in Heroism, and Saving People
Mental/Emotional Weaknesses: deals with his Dumbfoundedness whenever Airin Outwits him; Being Outsmarted really impares his ability to Consentrate and can be Taken Down whenever he gets a Mental BSOD
Name of his quirk: Bubblekinesis
Description: Makes Bubbles of Anykind, Whether Soapwater, Sanitizer, or a Special Mixture that ONLY Sharokku knows the Formula For
Strength: Can Be used for Storing Evidence, Stopping Projectiles, Trapping Foes, and use it as a Shield and/or Projectiles
Weaknesses: If someone figures out the Formula, They can Reverse-Engineer the Bubbles against him
What age did he obtain it: 17
How did He obtain it (what was happening at the time): He Saw a Lady about to Get Run Over, and Somehow Protected her by putting her in a Bubble that the Car wasn't able to Destroy, and then Freed her by Destroying the bubble

Sharokku Awakiseru, 
Maikurofuto Awakiseru, Felix Manthrope, Airin Adriba(Irene Adlibber outside of Japan), And Zaron Gatheroff aka The Trophiend @ Me AKA LarioLario54321 
BHNA @ Kohei Horikoshi
Sherlock & Mycroft Holmes and Irene Adler, and Professor James Moriarty
Mega Anime Avatar Creator @ Rinmaru 
Debian Redviper
Introduction: This is Debian Redviper; a Snake Faunus, Who can Actually Shapeshift into either a Naga, or Full-blown Full-Sized Snake; Due to Her Semblance; She Once Saved a Farmer's Life, But He Repaid her Altruism with Spite and Attacked her; And Ripped out her Fangs and Injected her with the Venom inside(albeit She DOES Have Partial Immunity to her OWN Venom), and Sliced her at the Back of her Neck; Basically the Role Reversal of the Classic Aesop, Known as the Farmer & the Viper, where Instead of the Viper being the Untrustworthy 2-Faced Slue-foot, It's the Farmer who's Paranoid of any Snake, and Automatically Assumed that the Snake is gonna do the Same thing to Him as the Viper did in that Story. And He's Extremely Crazy, and HATES ALL Snakes;

Name: Debian Redviper(Debian Red: AKA T-H-I-S COLOR:

Age: 30

Color: Debian Red(THIS COLOR found H-E-R-E:

Race: Viper Faunus

Influence/reference: The Farmer & the Viper(Her Backstory; Except Role Reversal and the Roles under gone Subversion), Xena( Her Weapon is based off of The Yin-Yang Chakram, ALBEIT Debian's Chakram ARE Also Boomerangs that Come Back, than can ALSO Be Seperated), India(Accent), Snakes(Sterotypical SSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Talk)

Occupation/Setting: Huntress who Is a Part of Team GOLD, To Take Revenge against the Farmer who She saved, and then Stabbed her(Quite Literally) in the Back (of her NECK)(She Only Has fury against THAT one; Any Other Farmer, SHE'S SCARED OF, Because of him, Because she's afraid of THEM Doing the Same exact thing he did to her, once she saves their Life)

Gender: Female

Appearance: She has Debian Red Hair, Red Eyes, a Stubby Fang that hangs out of her Closed Mouth, Wears an Indigo-Colored Skirt, And In Her Naga form, Her Lower Half Becomes the Same Color as her Hair, as well as Scaled, and When She's FULL Snake, She's Entirely Debian Purple, Complete with Snout, and Forked Tongue; She Prefers her Naga form, as It Has Arms.

Personality: She's very Honorable, Helping those in Need, In Spite of Her Species' Reputation as Dishonest and Dirty, and Evil; She hatesssssssssssss Racism, as well as People either Making Fun of Her Accent, or the Fact that she Dragsssssssssssssss out her Ssssssssssssss'sssssssssss; She CANNOT Help it, She's a Ssssssssssssssnake, they ALWAYSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Talk like that.

Skills and Abilities: She's actually Good at Surviving in the Wild, Able to Squeeze Prey, and Swallow it Whole(Her Species can Constrict, and Distend their Jaws without Harm, as well as Smell with their Tongues, and Seeing Body Heat), and Is GREAT At Programming, and Engineering, as Since her Chakram needs to Function as a Cutting Tool when Seperated, She Needed a Way to get it to Come Back to her, and Still have its Utility as a Throwing AND Cutting Weapon, So She Programmed it to come back to her like a Boomerang, She Integrated A Microchip, and Mixed Dust Powder Compounds to Dunk her Chakram into depending on What Type of Dust is Needed

Weapon(s) and fighting style:

She Uses a Chakram, that has a Handle in the Middle, and can Be Seperated(Just like Xena's Yin-Yang Chakram), But has Been Modified to Act like a Boomerang so that it'll come back to her. She Also Uses her Powers of Snake-shifting; to Constrict Foes with her Crushing Binds, as well as consume SOME Foes, and Prey; But Transforming Takes a Bit of Aura, and She Can ONLY Maintain her State with Aura; and If She Runs out of Aura, She CANNOT Transform, and if She's ALREADY Transform, She'll Revert back to her TRUE Form, a Bipedal Snake Faunus with 2 Legs; Luckily, Her Aura Depletes Slowly, and She Hisses when She Feels Threatened, warning People, SHE DOESN'T Want to Hurt them, But will Strike If they won't Back off. and She Can ONLY Turn into an Indian Russell's Viper(She Cannot Grow a Cobra Frill, or a Rattlesnake's Rattle, anything that an Indian Russell's Viper DOESN'T Have; although she DOES have the Ability to Give Birth JUST LIKE Some Kinds of Snakes, like those that are viviparous and ovoviviparous; or Those that Give birth No Eggshells at all, or they Hatch INSIDE The Snake's Womb, and Come out of her Belly without the Eggshell)


Her Semblance is Snake-Shifting. It Costs aura to Transform, though Not as much to Maintain(It Drains MUCH MUCH slower when Maintaining a Snake or Naga Like Form, But It drains quicker if it's Done too Quickly from Snake to Faunus, similar to how a Car Uses More Gas when constantly Stopping & Starting,

Backstory/History: She once heard A Farmer Calling for Help, Being the Out-Of-Character Un-Stereotypical Un-Snakelike Self she was; She Helped him, But Him Being Obsessed and Overly-Paranoid & Crazy that She'd End Up Betraying her like the Farmer in that Aesop, He Picked up His Pitchfork/Triple-Barreled Shotgun to get out of Here, She tried to Talk Reason with him, But He Ended Up Ripping out Her Fangs, and Stabbed her in the Back of her Neck(She Still has that Scar), and Injected her with that Venom(Which wasn't all too Effective, After all, It's Not like Snakes can be made Susceptible to their Own Venom from their OWN Fangs), She Learned a Lesson that Day; DON'T TRUST FARMERS. Thankfully, She Was Saved by a Kindly Young Reindeer Faunus named Rosé Choppadere(Based off of Chopper) who Wanted to Become a Doctor, and He Saved her Life, and Sewed up her Scar, and Covered it with a Bandage on the Back of her Neck, He ALSO Gave her Antivenom; She Eventually met Greyson Payne, and 2 Wolf Faunus, to Fight against a Common Threat, the Black Talon

A. Greyson Payne(Significant Other & Her Superior, Because He's the Team Leader)
B. Okami Kurojosei(Team-Mate
C. Lobo Blanco(Team-Mate)

Themes:…  Panjabi MC - Mundian To Bach Ke

Quotes: (Sees a Farmer) Farmerssssssssssssssssssssssss, Why did it HAVE to be Farmerssssssssssssssssss?!

Team GOLD(Greyson Payne, Okami Kurojosei, Lobo Blanco, and Debian RedViper), The Ungrateful Farmer, Rosé Choppadere, and The Black Talon @ Me AKA LarioLario54321 
RWBY @ montyoum 
Mega Anime Avatar Creator @ Hapuriainen 
Bergamot Loborange
Name:  Bergamot Loborange

Age: 34

Color: Same shade of Green as a Bergamot Orange

Race: Wolf Faunus

Influence/reference: Bergamo(Dragon Ball Super)

Occupation/Setting: Member of The White Fang, and Leader of  Adam Taurus' Elite Quartet of Calamity(His most Trusted and most Personal #1 Group of Elite White Fang Members) aka Team BBLU(Pronounced Baby Blue)

Gender: Male

Appearance: He has Wolf Ears, Yellow Eyes with Contracted Pupils, has Tatoos on his eyelids and over & Under his Eyes, basically a Straight Line Hair that is colored the Same shade of Green as a Bergamot Orange(which is actually Green & NOT Orange unlike the Fruit that is named after its color, aka an Orange) a Ninja-styled Headband, a Red Scarf, Bergomot Green Shirt, Brown Pants & Boots with a Buckled Brown Belt, and has Wrapping around his Forearms strongly Modeled after Bergamo from Dragon Ball Super. He And His Brothers wear Masks that Strongly Resemble Beowolves(Down to the Snout Shape, and the Face Shape, Basically it's not the Same Flat Masks that the OTHER White Fang Members wear, when Out in Public doing Their Boss' Bidding, and during Meetings where Adam Faunus Announces his plans in A Private Faunus-Exclusive Location.

Personality: He's Snide & Condescending, Egotistical yet Polite, And Has Explicit Respect, Honor & Dencensy though that MAINLY only extends to Adam Taurus & His Blood Brothers(Explained in his Backstory) as well as his Fourth Wheel Team Member(Umber Blindeye, a Fierce Blind Mouse Faunus Warrior with a Fiery Temper) He Also Doesn't Question any Decision that Adam Taurus tells him to do, even if it includes teaming up with Humans(I.E. His Alliance with Roman Torchwick and HIS Lackies) showing he's REALLY Completely loyal ONLY towards his Brothers and Adam Taurus as well as the Fourth Wheel, Umber Blindeye

Skills and Abilities: He's a Smooth talker, whom suprisingly Convinced Adam Taurus to let him and His blood brothers i.e. Lavender Sumac & Basil Redwolfe(Will be explained in His Back story Down below) be on a Team, together, due to their Platonic Brotherly Bonds to each other, and their Willingness to Serve him and Do ANYTHING He tells them to do, NO Matter HOW Despicable it is.

Weapon(s) and fighting style: He's Mainly a Slugger-Style Counter-Punching Boxer, who Is Able to Take Hits, and Often Does So On Purpose, to absorb the Impact which Activates his Semblance which can ONLY do 1 of 2 things(and He CANNOT Choose to use both as He Doesn't have enough Stamina or Aura to do both, plus if he did, that would make him too OP) Either Be able to Be able to Punch with 2x the Amount of Power & Aura than he Absorbed, at Half the Cost of Aura, Or a More Riskier but Powerful & Practical use, to Make himself grow a certain amount(depending on HOW much Aura he absorbed from the Impact of His Opponents' Blows) to be able to Dish out even MORE Powerful blows.

Aura/Semblance: His Semblance is Called One-two Fruit Punch, Because It Helps the Term to be acceptable by Monty Oum's Color Laws(Fruit Punch is often Red), as well as mentioning his Two Possible Mutally-Exclusive Uses for it.

Backstory/History: 17 Years ago, He Was once a Lone Wolf(Quite Literally, Since he was Both a Wolf Faunus, and he had no family to turn to for help) who was Forced to Live on the Streets, Living off of eating whatever Food was in the Garbage and drinking Any Water source that was available, no matter How Bad it tasted or how dirty it might be, But then He Came across 2 Younger Wolf Faunus who were being attacked by Racist Humans who were very Abusive, and He Rescued them, and They took a Rite of Blood Brotherhood, By finding some Broken Glass(which wasn't hard, in the Slum-like Area they were in), Pricking their Index Fingers with it, Having each member touch each others' Index Fingers, to Become Blood Brothers, and become an official Wolf Pack; They were eventually found by Adam Taurus, who was Secretly Planning on a Revolution, But Couldn't act upon it, due to not being in Charge, and the then-leader of The White Fang, Ghira Belladonna, was moving towards a More Peaceful Approach, and the Faunus had 2 Main Human Heroes to look up to(AKA Lapis Juhachi & Silver Juhachi, Aka Lazuli's Parents), so Had to wait until Ghira Eventually Stepped down to Make their Moves. Eventually they Gained a Fourth member shortly after they officially Became a Team, With a Fierce Fiery Tempered Blind Warrior Mouse Faunus, who demonstrated her Fiery Semblance, and her Confrontational Rage at Being Underestimated Just Because She's Blind AND A Mouse Faunus(Be Careful, She Bites)

Team: Team BBLU

Themes:… Bone Crusher from Dragon Ball Super

Team BBLU, Bergamot Loborange, Silver & Lapis Juhachi, and Lazuli Juhachi @ Me AKA LarioLario54321 
Dragon Ball & Bergamo @ Akira Toriyama
RWBY & Adam Taurus & The White Fang, and Ghira Belladonna @ montyoum 
Mega Anime Avatar Creator @ Rinmaru 
Grau Wulfluch
Introduction: When Most People think of Wolves in Fairy tales, they are USUALLY the Antagonists, I.E. Peter & the Wolf, Little Red Riding Hood, the 3 little pigs, etc; But however, this version of said Antagonistic Canine, is actually a GOOD Guy, whose Life was Ruined by a Red Cloak-Wearing Villaness wielding a Scythe(NO it's Not Ruby Rose, as Ruby Would've only been 5 years old, It was a Shapeshifting Lady who can Mirror Someone else's Voice, Appearence, and Semblance; But he doesn't find THAT out until Season 4); This guy has a German Accent.

Name: Grau Wulfluch

Age: 17

Color: Gray

Race: Silver-Eyed Warrior/ Gray Wolf Faunus

Influence/reference: Big Bad Wolf(Faunus Species, and Antagonistic Relationship with a woman clad in Red) Germany(Accent, Clothes, German Name etc) Little Red Riding Hood(Having Spent the first 7 years of his life with His Beloved Grandmother, whom he made Errands for, Until a certain Event Which will be covered in his Backstory will be Covered)

Occupation/Setting: Student at Haven Academy(seasons 1-ongoing), 

Gender: Male

Appearance: Has Grey Hair, Silver Eyes with narrow Rectangular Pupils, Gray Ears, See Above in the Picture above his Bio has Hair that goes toward the Right of his Face, has neck-length hair at the back of his Head; He Wears a Gray Top hat with a White band around it; a Sterotypical German Outfit with Lederhosen and Suspenders and Long Sleeved White Shirt, Basically, What you think of when you think of a Typical German Highlander Outfit; I.E. The Yodeling Man from the Cliffhanger Price is Right Game

Sexual Orientation: Straight(Wants to have kids to pass on the Silver-eyes Gene to the next generation)

Personality: He's Nice, Fiercely Loyal to His Team, and Gets ANGRY Once He, or His Friends are threatened, and HATES Criminals, and Grimm alike; He Also wants revenge on the Red Clad Villaness who killed his Grandmother and Destroyed the Wooded Village(Both the Woods AND The Village inside said Woods) he & His Grandmother lived in, and Initially Despised Ruby Rose[When Ruby ended up and Haven Academy after beacon was destroyed during the 6-8 month Timeskip, since the Villaness sounded, Looked like, and Also Used a Scythe like she did, But Once Kuroneko Lefey(A Cat he met during the events of season 3) used her Semblance to Scan and Show anyone's true Nature, showed that Ruby Rose's aura was a Light-colored & Benevolent aura, He Apologized for his Hostility and Told her his Tragic Backstory, and She understood why He Acted that way] and As of Season 4(After the 6-8 Timeskip after Season 3 finale) are VERY Good Friends.
Skills and Abilities:  He's a Great Leader, He is VERY Resourceful, He is Smart, He usually has A Back-up Plan; He's Not the Best Cook, He is able to play really good music on any Instrument; and Good at fighting at Both Close Range and at a Distance.

Weapon(s) and fighting style: He Fights using a Silver-colored Trident which is also a Combination Gun(…) with a Sniper Rifle on the Top barrel, and 2 Shotgun Barrels under and to the sides of the Rifle Barrel(The Left & Right parts of the Trident are linked to the Shotgun part of the Weapon, and the Center One is for the Sniper Rifle with Pump-action Cocking Handle. He Uses this for Both Close & Distant range Fighting, He Wacks with the Trident at Close-Range, and Shoots from a Distance; He Uses his Lycanthropy Semblance to Gain Strength and become more Powerful; at the Cost of Speed and Defense, with Higher Accuracy & Offense.

Aura/Semblance:  His Semblance is Lycanthropy, where he can control how much of him becomes a Werewolf(like say, His Arms, His Legs, His Eyes, His Snout, etc) but when there's a Full Moon He CANNOT Change back into a Faunus until the Daytime, But luckily, unlike when he transforms when it's NOT a Full Moon, It doesn't count any aura to Turn into a Lycanthrope and he is completely In Control of His Mind and Body, and can still Distinguish friend from Foe, But He's UNCONTROLLABLE During a Total Lunar Eclipse, aka A Blood Moon; attacking Indiscriminately against Friend AND Foe.

Backstory/History: For Seven Years of His Life, He Lived Happily with His Wolf Faunus Grandmother, doing Errands for her, in a Peaceful Village hidden away in the Woods; However, one day, When He was out doing his Daily Errands, when He Came Back, He Saw the Woods & the Village Destroyed, His Grandmother Dead, and found the one who did it, A Girl with Reddish-Black Hair, A Red Cloak, a Scythe, and Silver Eyes, Cackling over the Destruction she caused, and then she went away; while He Wept over His Beloved Grandmother's Murder; He then decided to become a Huntsman, and Avenge the Loss of his Grandmother & His Village & Wooden Habitat, as well as Hunt Down Criminals, Grimm, and the Villianess who took away his Family; He went to Haven Academy, where he met 3 Other People who had THEIR Pride & Joy taken away from them as well, and He Became their Leader, to avenge their losses, and Take down whom they THOUGHT were the Members of team RWBY(Spoiler alert, It WASN'T, But they don't figure THAT out until Season 4, where Grau Convinces his Team, that if HIS Target of Vengance wasn't who HE thought it was, Meaing the ones THEY wanted vengance on, weren't the same guys they thought they were)

Team: Team GMBG(Pronounced Gamboge like in THIS Video:…)

Theme:… Peter and the Wolf March by Prokofiev

Grau Wulfluch, The Red Clad Villaness Who Attacked his Village & Grandmother, Kuroneko Lefay, and the rest of team GMBG @ ME aka LarioLario54321 
Rwby, Haven Academy & Ruby Rose @ montyoum 
Mega Anime Avatar Creator @ Rinmaru 

You COULD Consider him A Twist of Fate; Being a Good Guy based off of a BAD Guy
Misha Korichnevyy

Introduction: A VERY Russian-Inspired Grizzly Bear Faunus who was also Inspired by the Three Bears; and THIS Medved(that's Russian for Bear) has a Vendetta against a Blond Woman Who Trashed & Destroyed her House, Messed up her Bed, Broke her Chair, Ate ALL The Food in her house, and had the Gall to Destroy her Home Forest, and Kill off her Family to Stuff their Corpses and Have them on Display[She Resembled Yang AS FAR AS THE HAIR AND THE PUNCHING GOES, ON PURPOSE, To Lead her to seek vengance against Yang as a pawn against her, She's Not Yang, But I'll Get to HER Once I Finish the Rest of Team GMBG and The First half of Team GNJR]

Name: Misha Korichnevyy(Korichnevyy is the Russian word for Brown)

Age: 18

Color: Brown

Race: Grizzly Bear Faunus

Influence/reference: Russia(Her Accent, Her Culture), 3 Bears(Faunus Species, Backstory)

Occupation/Setting: Student at Haven Academy

Gender: Female

Appearance: A Brown Male-hairstyle on top, with Bear Faunus Ears, and Flowing hair that goes below it, has Brown Eyes; Wears an Overcoat, and the outfit shown in the Picture, though often wears a Brown Cossack(SHE'S RUSSIAN); When She Fights, She wears A Sleeveless tanktop and Lightweight flowing baggy pants for freedom of movement; Though that's not shown here, not only because of the Limitations of the Mega Anime Avatar Creator of Rinmaru but also to show her Manly Female hair; 

Personality: She's got a Lot of Personality; Including Her bear-like Snoring(and a Snot bubble, which the Other Members are Grossed out by, and end up popping it in order to wake her UP) which happens often causing her to say: Oh? Is it Morning already, akin to Zoro; She also has a HUGE Appetite(She's a bear Faunus), and She LOVES being the Life of the Party, and is Fun Personified, She also has a lot of Care for her Allies, she's like a Mother who's like a Fun-loving Woman-child & sister; She Loves to Dance, Especially the Cossack Dance(aka the dance that the Russian Squat dance is a small part of), and Enjoys Playing Tetris(or the RWVYverse's Equivalent to it); She Also ALWAYS Sleeps through the Winter Months(She's A BEAR faunus, what do you expect?!!)

Skills and Abilities: Able to Take a Hit without going down easily; She knows how to fight, and is just as Eager for Battle as Yang; She is friendly, But Not Gullible, and She is able to Sleep VERY Soundly, Seriously, Not Even A Jackhammer could wake her up;
Weapon(s) and fighting style: She uses Grappling Gloves & Shinguards to Fight And Fights using Combat Hapok, a Russian Styled Dance-inspired Combat that works like THIS:… OR THIS:…

Aura/Semblance: Her Semblance is inner tempo, which allows her to avoid Mindcontrol, Memory Manipulation, & also time her attacks with Precision.

Team: Team GMBG(Pronounced Gamboge; It's an Orange-esque Color)

: One Day, Misha was making Errands, and Ended Up Finding the Forest Destroyed, And She was Peeved to find a Blond Girl with Long Hair, and Purple eyes(though not the same shade of Purple that Yang's Eyes are), and trashed her house, Ate ALL The Food(the Cold, the Hot, and the Inbetween, aka HERS) and killed her parents; She vowed to get her revenge on that girl; She Found someone ELSE Who had lost his Family, and lost his Villager not too far away from her; that was Grau Wulfluch, and they got along great, and Even Made it to Haven Academy together; along with 2 Humans who also were targeted by Dopplegangers of RWBY Members.

Themes: Ozma's Cover of korobeiniki(aka Tetris A Theme) HERE:… & Dschinghis Khan's Hit Song Moskau HERE:…

Quotes: Oh? Is it Morning already? (Same thing zoro says when Woken up)

Misha Korichnevyy, Grau Wulfluch, Team GMBG & TEAM GNJR @ ME aka LarioLario54321 
Team RWBY, Haven Academy, & RWBY @ montyoum 
Mega Anime Avatar Creator @ Rinmaru 

You could consider her a Twist of fate, as she's a Good Bear faunus based off of an Antagonistic Bear
Grimhilde Whitney
Name: Grimhilde Whitney(Whitney, aka WHITE Ney)

Age: 27

Color: White(AKA Whitney)

Race: human

Influence/reference: Snow White(Especially with her Semblance of Summoning Dwarves to do her Bidding; and the Apple is her Weakness), Grimhilde(Jealousy of not being the Fairest of them all) Pikmin/Captain Olimar, Alph, Brittany & Charlie (her Way of Commanding her Dwarves, by Throwing them, Getting them to Charge at an enemy all at one, and Calling them back to her)

Occupation/Setting: Leader Elphaba Westgreen's Team of Revenge; Team GNJR(Pronounced Ginger)

Gender: Female

Appearance: Has White Hair in a Similar style to Season 1 Weiss, Wears clothes SIMILAR To Season 1 Weiss, but Has Different Shaped Eyes;

Sexual Orientation: Autoromantic Autosexual(Only in love with herself; like a Narcissist)

Personality: She's Cold-Hearted, She's an Ice Queen; She Despises those who damage her ego(like those who are considered more beautiful than her) such as Burgundy Applequeen Simply because she was considered Fairest of All; She's Manipulative, She's also very Vain, and She's in love with herself; She only helps those out for her Best Interests, as that's why She's Helping out Elphaba Westgreen

Skills and Abilities: She's very good at telling people what she wants them to do; She's able to SOMEWHAT dimenish her Huge Ego in order to get what she wants from Elphaba Westgreen, without incurring her Wrath; She's a Smooth Talker; She's weakened by Apples, as they are her Kryptonite, as THAT'S An Alternate Reason she attacked Burgundy Applequeen's Apple Trees and Apple Crops(as well as another Personal Backstory History Detail)

Weapon(s) and fighting style & Aura/Semblance:
She Uses a Weapon that Looks Similar to Weiss' Myrtenaster, But Unlike Myrtenaster, It's Not a Rapier Revolver, It's a Wand and a Whistle; It Can Use her Semblance to Spawn up to 7 Dwarve-Like Creatures that she can Use to attack similar to how Alph & Olimar Control Pikmin, to Swarm her Opponents, and also throw them at her Opponents; She Often Uses the Purple Fatter Ones for their 10x the Strength of other types of Dwarves, But She can Embue them with Dust to Make them Fire-proof(Fire Dust), Electric-proof(Lightning Dust), able to Swim(water dust) able to Fly(with Gravity Dust) make them More Durable and able to Shatter Crystals or Glass(Earth Dust); However if Used on the Purple Ones, they're somwhat effective, but Not quite as Effective as the More Useful but Not Quite as Strong Blue Dwarves(Completely Waterproof), or Red Dwarves(COMPLETELY Fire-proof), Pink Dwarves(Can Fly, Like Winged Pikmin), Yellow Dwarves(COMPLETELY Electric Proof), Brown Dwarves(Able to COMPLETELY Shatter Glass & Crystals), However, She cannot use more than 7 Dwarves at a time, and It costs 1/7 Of her Aura to just make 1, and since She Prefers the Strongest aka Purple Dwarves, which cost the MOST amount of Aura to Spawn; She can also Get them to come back to her with the Whistle part of her Weapon, akin to Pikmin.

Backstory/History: Once upon a Time, She Read Snow White, and As such was Paranoid that any apple could be used to Poison Her, and it didn't help that she was Also Allergic to apples; and It also DIDN'T Help when she Found out that a Poison known as Cyanide could be Found in Apples, and She didn't want anyone to try using that on her, and as She had a Massive Ego, She Asked her Mirror to tell her she was the Most Beautiful of them all, and unfortunately as her Mirror was Programmed to tell the Truth, She Found out someone ELSE was more Beautiful than her, and to her Dismay, it was someone who Grew her Kryptonite, Burgundy Applequeen, She was VERY Enraged by this, and Used her Dwarves to attack her Apple Trees and Apple crops, which fed her Village, and Also Figured it would be a Punishment for being more Beautiful than her; She Was then Found by Elphaba Westgreen, who Recruited her in her Crusade against the Kingdoms of Remnant for what they did to her.

Team: Team GNJR
Themes:… sks Queen of Mean by The Snake

Quotes: I'm the REAL Ice Queen; If I cannot be the Fairest of them all, then the Fairest and her associates must suffer for it

Grimhilde Whitney, Elphaba Westgreen, Team GNJR, Burgundy Applequeen @ Me AKA LarioLario54321 
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Since She's an Evil Queen based off of Snow White(the Protagonist of her story), that's a twist of fate 
Noire Rottingham
Introduction: This is Noire Rottingham; an Evil Doppelganer of Blake; Who Wants revenge against Ghira Belladonna for Kicking her out for her Hostility and Assaults on Humanity.

Name: Noire Rottingham

Age: 27

Color: Black

Race: Panther Faunus

Influence/reference: Beauty and the Beast Bell( Initial Enmity against the Beast, and Gaston) Chester/Kid Rot(from Grossology; I Based her Powers off of his)

Occupation/Setting: Ex-Member of the White Fang(She Was Kicked out by Ghira Belladonna when he was still in charge) and Member of Team GNJR, Led and backed behind Elphaba Westgreen.

Gender: Female

Appearance: She has Black Hair, Black Panther Ears, Heterochromia(her Left Eye is Blue, and Her Right Eye is Yellow), Which she Needed to hide with a Yellow Contact-lens to Goad Gaston Greenthumb into targeting the Daughter of the Belladonna she has a vendetta against; She Wears Clothes that Blake Wore in Season 1, albeit made out of Synthetic Material 

Personality: She's Sadistic, She's Cocky, and She's Overconfident, and She Underestimates her Opponents, and Doesn't bother trying to Better Herself, as She thinks she's Unstoppable, since No One has once yet Bested her; She also focuses her thoughts on Mortifying her Foes, by Rotting their Clothes and then kicking them while they're down; She also has Revenge against the White Fang, Mostly against Ghira Belladonna for Being a Sissy who's too blinded to see that Humans will NEVER Respect the Faunus, and She Wants nothing to do with them, even after Adam Taurus runs the Organization in a way she'd approve of, because She hates what the White Fang used to be, and Wants nothing to do with it, even IF it changes; as She's Focused on getting her Revenge on Ghira Belladonna, by Getting someone to target his Daughter, by attacking his Crops to Get him to hate Ghira's Daughter Blake, and have Ghira lose something as valuable to him as her Position was to her.

Skills and Abilities: She's able to Survive in the Wild, especially with her Semblance Which she can use to Rot Grimm, and Rot the Hairs on her Prey; and She's able to Eat ANYTHING, No Matter HOW Rotten it is.

Weapon(s), fighting style & Aura/Semblance: 
She uses her Semblance to Rot any Natural thing, whether Animals, Trees, Produce, Crops, or Other People's Clothes, along with her Whip Sword Kusarigama, which she Uses to Bring her Opponents close to her and Rot their Clothes, and Leave a Mark from her Weapon on them; She CANNOT Rot any Synthetic Material, or anything that has been Successfully Rot-Proofed.

Backstory/History:  She was a Member of the White Fang back when Ghira Belladonna was in Charge and had a Peaceful Modus Operandus, But She Didn't agree with him, and Rescued a Faunus who was being Harmed by a Human, and Moritified him by Rotting his Clothes and Left a Scar on him with her Weapon, Ghira as a Result, Kicked her out, and She Vowed her Vengance on him, seeking to get even in someway, then Elphaba Westgreen took her under her wing, and Gave her the Idea, to get even by Getting someone to get rid of his Daughter, and She had JUST The Person in mind to do it; Gaston Greenthumb, She gave her a Yellow Contact-Lens to hide her Heterochromia and a Bow to hide her ears, so that he'd target Blake, though obviously, the Bow had Rotted, so They had to improvise, without a Bow; So She went to The Village where Gaston Greenthumb lived, and Rotted EVERY Single Plant in his Gargantuan Garden, and Since It was SO Easy, She decided she didn't need to improve, since She defeated him once, so she doesn't need to do anything to get better.

Team: Team GNJR

Noire Rottinghom, Team GNJR, Elphaba Westgreen, & Gaston Greenthumb @ Me AKA LarioLario54321 
Blake & Ghira Belladonna, the White Fang, Adam Taurus @ montyoum 
Mega Anime Avatar Creator @ Rinmaru 

Being based off of Belle(Like Blake) her role is a Twist of Fate.
Elphaba Westgreen
Introduction: This is the Tragic Villain who is The TRUE Mastermind and Supervisor of Team GNJR, For Her Vendetta of Revenge against Professor Ozpin, General Ironwood, Professor Lionheart, Qrow Branwen, and Glynda Goodwitch

Name: Elphaba Westgreen(Formerly Compassjade)

Age: 44

Color: Green(her Hair, Her Robes, Her Clothes, her Eye COLOR, AND Her Hat

Race: Human

Influence/reference: Elphaba Thropp AKA The Wicked Witch of the West

Occupation/Setting: Mastermind who Built a Base of Operations where Beacon Academy used to be(Before then, It was in Some Dark Undisclosed Area on the outer parts of the Kingdoms)

Gender: Female

Appearance: She UNLIKE Her Inspiration, doesn't have Green Skin; But DOES have Green Hair, and wears Green All Over; She Wears the STEREOTYPICAL Wicked Hat, and wears a Green Turtleneck, and Robe

Personality: She's Bitter and has HUGE RESENTMENT Towards the People Who have Wronged her, Professor Lionheart(Was A Traitor out of fear) General Ironwood(took credit for Penny Polendina's Creation alongside the Unnamed Scientist Not Mentioning her, and Erasing ALL Mentions of her Help in Creating a Robot with a Soul & Semblance) Qrow Branwen(Saved his Life, but He Left without Thanking her, Which came across to her as Thankless & Thoughtless for a guy whose Life she saved), Ozpin(For Letting the Bad Guys get away with their Actions, which is WHY They were Losing), Glynda Goodwitch(for Killing her Sister, Esther Eastgreen; I.E. Easter Compassjade); As Such she has Targeted their Trump Cards(aka the Eventual Team RWBY), So She Recruited 4 Doppelgangers to attack the Homes of the Counterpart of the Foes of their Fairy Tale(The RUBY Lookalike targetted the Equivalent to the Big Bad Wolf; the YANG Doppelganger attacked a Village based off of the 3 Bears; The Weiss Imposter attacked the Counterpart of the Evil Queen; the Blake Doppelganger attacked an Equivalent to Gaston); She's very Elaborate at Planning, and knows how people think, and plans accordingly

Skills and Abilities: She's a Master Planner, She's Able to figure out what they would do; and knows Ozpin's Group to know what their plan of action is; She's able to Use the Wind to her advantage, AND Control it. She's unable to Swim, and Is Weakened & harmed by Water. Water on her skin is akin to Acid to any normal person; She can Live off of Broth, or any NON-Water Liquid Norishment

Weapon(s) and fighting style:
She Uses a Shotgun Umbrella Shield(To Fly Akin to Mary Poppins, and shoot akin to a Brella Weapon from Splatoon 2; as well as Protect her From Water; Water is lethal to her; it burns her Skin like Acid would to any other person) which she uses to Shoot from far away, and Shield her from Shots, and Water; She can Use the Wind to Carry her even when in the air; She Fights from a Distance

Aura/Semblance: Her Semblance is Wind Control, which she can use to make her appear to fly in the air, and Redirect attacks, and fly away.

Backstory/History: She was once a Benefactor to Ozpin and his Crew, But in a Tragic Fashion akin to the Book & Musical known as Wicked, they ended up Betraying her, even when she was trying to help them; Lionheart Was a Traitor, even though she saved his Life; Qrow Didn't even thank her before Leaving her behind after She saved his Life; Ozpin didn't do anything to stop the enemies of Humanity, and let them infiltrate their schools; Goodwitch KILLED Her Sister; As Such She was no longer gonna help them, and She was gonna make them pay for all that those ungrateful Scumbags did to her

Themes:… No Good Deed goes Unpunished by Stephen Schwartz

Quotes: You'll ALL Pay for what you DID to Me, Group of Ozpin; You'll soon regret Betraying the one who did So much Good for you and regret stabbing me in the back; It's PAYBACK TIME!!

emblem:'s a Green Compass pointing west with an Arrow Shaped like a Hat pointing towards a Big Green W

Elphaba Westgreen, Team GNJR, Esther Eastgreen & Team GMBG @ ME AKA LarioLario54321 
Glynda Goodwitch, Professor Ozpin, General Ironwood, Qrow Branwen, Professor Lionheart & RWBY @ montyoum 
Elphaba Thropp @ Winnie Holzman
Mega Anime Avatar Creator @ Rinmaru 
Rosso Corsa
Introduction: This is Rosso Corsa, a Red Italian Bat Faunus, whose Parents are a Male Flying Fox(which is a BAT, NOT A FOX) Faunus named Rojo Corsa, And A Female Bat-earred Fox Faunus named Rose Corsa; Who is the OTHER one of Only 2 Living Remnants of Team SLVR(The Other one is his Childhood Best Friend/Romantic Interest Violet Bluereguard)

Name: Rosso Corsa

Age: 35

Color: Rosso Corsa(aka the Red International Motor Racing Color of cars entered by teams for Italy)

Race: Bat Faunus

Influence/reference: Italy, Gappy/Josuke Part 8/Hat Josuke(His Semblance's ability to Steal Friction)

Occupation/Setting: Second of 2 Living Remainders of Team SLVR, And Initial Co-Founder of the Red S.C.A.R.V.E.S (Services Combatting Against Racism & Violence while fighting Evil, Elitism, and Sectarianism) and also Part of Team LIVR(Lead by Lazuli Juhachi)

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Demiromantic Demisexual(Only Has Romantic & UHHHHH... Venereal Interests in his Childhood Best Friend, Violet Bluereguard; NO ONE can even hold a Candle to  their 30+ years of Bonding)

Appearance: Rosso has Red Hair on his Head(along with Red Ears) and Red Stubble on the Sides of his Forehead, and has Hair on the Back of his head that goes down to the bottom of his Neck; He has a Scar under his Right Eye, and a Red Mustache(In-Universe He Grew a Mustache so that he wouldn't be Confused for a Girl; The Reason I Designed him this way, So He wouldn't end up looking like a girl, so same reason both In-universe & out); Wears a Red Vest & Turtleneck Tank Top, and Red Jeans, and no Shoes(He has Feet that allow him to Hang on Ceilings and Girders akin to a Bat Hanging Upside down; He got that from his Dad, and Goes Barefoot, since there ARE No Shoes and/or socks in his Foot-shape) He ALSO Has a Slender Albeit Non-Muscular Body(No visible Abs); and He's VERY Short(Like Edward Elric, He's Quite Sensitive & VERY Touchy about his Height)

Personality: He's Friendly, Outgoing, and Very Talented, and Altruistic, He Hates Racism, and Holds his Heroes, aka Silver & Lapis Juhachi in HIGH Regard, and Gets FURIOUS If someone either Insults his and His Wife's Heroes, and if someone threatens His Wife; He often Kisses His Wife, aka Violet Bluereguard Passionately; He's Strategic, A Very Good Planner, and He is Intellegent(in a Different Way from his Wife, however they're both VERY Intellegent at what each one does best, but really cannot do each others' jobs as good as their Designated Jobs) He Also Gets Steamed whenever Someone calls him or mistakes him as a Female(Luckily Thanks to his Mustache, He doesn't get this comment anymore)

Skills and Abilities:  He's Very Strong, He's VERY Creative, and Technologically, and Mechanically Gifted, able to MAKE any Gadget, any Weapon, and Any cool functional Device; He's also EXTREMELY Musically Gifted; He Can Play ANY INSTRUMENT, Although he prefers to Play the Drums, He's a Percussional Maestro, who can play ANY Sets of Drums with such ease and Such Passion; He's Equal in talent to Darth Algar(Darth means Dark, and since the RWBYverse's Version of Garth has BLACK Hair, Especially under the Color Laws set in place by montyoum ) at the Drums, He's also as talented at Drumming, as Dana Carvey(as scene when he portrays garth playing the drums in THIS Classic Scene From the first Wayne's World movie: ; In Fact He Built his OWN Drum Kit Similar to the Drums in that Scene(Which his Drum Concerts also one of 2 Major Fundings of the Red S.C.A.R.V.E.S I'll get to the OTHER Main Source of Income for the Red S.C.A.R.V.E.S At a Later Point) and even built his OWN Weapon based partially off of a Drum; He's also able to Sew & Stitch, and Work with Fabrics

Weapon(s) and fighting style:

He Fights using a Drum Mallet(He Made it himself) called  Cherry Tom-Tom(it's as red as a Cherry) which is a Pair of 2 Tom-Toms with a Tough-Unbreakable Cover on them that he can strike Opponents with(as well as Giving his Wife Some EXTRA Momentum, Strength, and Speed when she's Inflated); and Also Rides and Rolls on his Wife(akin to Laylee riding on Yooka) to control where she goes, and Steal her Friction so she keeps on Moving Forwards, without stopping too early.

Aura/Semblance: Semblance is called Slip N Slide, which takes away Friction from anything he focuses his Aura into, and Makes anyone who tries to catch him, end up Slipping around as they're no friction between the Ground and their Feet

Backstory/History: He was once a VERY Young Boy, Raised by his 2 Parents In Menagerie, who one Day met A BEAUTIFUL Hedgehog Faunus, and have formed a Lifelong Bond with each other, they Did EVERYTHING Together, They Eventually Married, and went off to see the World; But One Fateful day, they were assaulted By A Street Rat Human, who was Oggling and Grabbed her and tried to Kiss her, Rosso Was furious and Attacked him, which Resulted in him Getting that Scar under his Right Eye, But Luckily when he was about to Assault them BOTH, A Man with Silver Hair and Silver eyes(Silver Juhachi) and a Lady with Blue Hair and Wearing a Blue Robe(Lapis Juhachi) Rescued them, and Escaped living the Hoodlum in the Fog. They eventually became a Beacon for Faunuskind known as Team SLVR, And Were Admired by Faunus Everywhere, However Because Ghira Stepped down as Leader of the White Fang(when He WAS in Charge, Team SLVR was Admired and revered), and Sienna Kahn was left in Charge, Salem Ordered Adam Taurus to Order his Lapdogs to Kill them, as they stood in the Way of His & Salem's Plans to Eradicate Humanity, And While they DID Successfully Murder Silver Juhachi (Killed by Lavender Sumac) and His Wife Lapis(Killed by Umber Blindeye) thanks to their Semblances and Teamwork, they successfully Escaped from Basil & Bergamot!! they then formed the Red S.C.A.R.V.E.S. A Fragment of White Fang Members that STILL Admired Silver & Lapis Juhachi, and Didn't agree with Sienna Kahn's More Terrorist-like Methods. 

Team: Team SLVR(Pre-Season 1), Team LIVR(Seasons 4-onwards)

Themes:… Roundball Rock Original by John Tesh, Remix made by Nitroeng… AKA A Mashup of Nintendo's SMG2 Final Boss Battle & Carbohydromusic's Rock Cover of the same theme

(Simultaneously with Violet Bluereguard) "We Will Follow through with Your Vision, Silver & Lapis" 

The Red S.C.A.R.V.E.S, Rosso Corsa & His Wife Violet Bluereguard, Silver & Lapis Juhachi, Team SLVR, Lazuli Juhachi, Team LIVR, Bergamot Loborange, Basil Redwolfe, Lavender Sumac, and Umber Blindeye @ Me aka LarioLario54321 
The White Fang, RWBY, Sienna Kahn, Adam Taurus @ montyoum 
Mega Anime Avatar Creator @ Rinmaru 
Gappy/Josuke part 8/Hat Josuke @ Hirohiko Araki
Garth Algar @ NBC
Violet Bluereguard
Introduction: This is Violet Bluereguard, and Just as her Name Implies, she IS Based off of Violet Beauregarde From Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, Mainly the infamous Blueberry Inflation scene, where she turns blue, and Swells up like a Big blue Balloon; But Also off of UGH Sonic(ONLY IN Her Semblance of Being able to Roll up into a Ball, and Roll Fast, She DOESN'T Share his Arrogant Personality, or Any of his traits that make you utterly DESPISE Him); She and Her Best Friend Rosso Corsa(aka a Red Italian Bat Faunus whom is her Childhood Best Friend, and ONLY one She Desires[and UNLIKE with Amy's Unrequited Love for that Little Blue Roadhog(SERIOUSLY, What does that alien Rodent version of Sakura Haruno even see in some jerk like HIM), Rosso Corsa Actually Returns her Feelings] And Unlike the Leader of their Team aka Team SLVR and his Wife, She and Rosso Escaped from team BBLU to Carry on their Values

Name: Violet Bluereguard

Age: 37

Color: Violet

Race: Hedgehog Faunus

Influence/reference: Violet Beuaregard(Her Semblance, abilities) Sonic(able to Roll up into a ball and Roll VERY Fast)

Sexual Orientation:  Heteroromantic Demisexual(Is Interested in the Opposite Sex, But Only has intimate Desires for Rosso Corsa)

Occupation/Setting: One of 2 Remaining LIVING Members of Team SLVR, and Co-Founder of a Fragment of the White fang that Split off, who still held Silver & Lapis in HIGH Regards, even AFTER Sienna Kahn started her Reign of Terror, and Adam had Planned for the Murders of Silver & Lapis Juhachi; called the Red S.C.A.R.V.E.S(Which is Short for Services Combatting Against Racism & Violence while fighting Evil & Elitism & Sectarianism) which is a Benefactory Organization which goes out to HELP Faunus in Trouble, and Create Peace between Humans & Faunus, Including Recruiting ANY Humans that AREN'T Racist Towards Faunus, and actually will go out of their own Way to Defend them, no matter How Their Repuatation as a Person is Negatively Affected by the Racist Majority of Humanity)

Gender: CIS Female

Appearance: She has Purple Hair, Heterochromia, with One Blue & One Purple Eye, and she Wears an Indigo Turtleneck, and Baggy Loose-fitting Pants(Which Especially Comes in handy with her semblance, and Red Velcro Sneakers[the only other thing she gets from that Showboating Roadent(Get it, Roadent, Like Road & Rodent; duh dum, tst.)]  And Since she and Her Lover, aka Rosso Corsa both Founded The Red S.C.A.R.V.E.S, She Now Wears a Red Toboggan on her Head

Personality: Because of the Altruism Shown by BOTH Silver & Lapis Juhachi when they saved her and Her Best Friend, Rosso Corsa, She has More Faith that there are at least a FEW Decent Humans left in the world; She is Passionate in What She Believes in, a Better Co-Existant Future between Faunus & Humans, Willing to stand up for it, and Make it Happen, since She's Not Naive enough to believe that It'll just happen easily without any sort of Effort; She won't stand by and let anyone, whether Human or Faunus, Be Harmed(Especially since If She Saves them, they'll be more likely to support their Cause, Showing that human that Faunus AREN'T All like the Terrorist-Like Entities of the NEW White Fang, and plus They'll have MUCH More Respect for someone who saves their Life)

Skills and Abilities: She's able to Concoct Various Foods, VERY Good Chef, and Even Makes her Own Special Blue-berry Gum, INCLUDING Dust-Infused Blueberry Gum, which ties into her Fighting style; She's Also EXTREMELY Flexible, Enough to be able to Roll herself up into a Ball; Even If Someone Copied her Semblance, They WOULDN'T Be Able to Copy her Flexibility(Unless it was Rouge Madame, But She's not even CONNECTED To the Events of Lazuli's Backstory, so its highly unlikely for them to cross over)

Weapon(s) and fighting style:

She Fights in a Manner that invokes BOTH Sonic & the Inflation scene from both Willie Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, and the 2005 Remake of the Book its based off of, aka Charlie & the Chocolate Factory; She Eats her Blueberry Gum(While She DOES Grow into a Blueberry, She's NOT Useless, as She Absorbs Attributes of the Dust she put in the Gum She Ate, as well as Roll Around akin to Sonic's Charging up, and rolls into Opponents; However, Unlike Violet from the Book, She CANNOT Remain as a Blueberry indefinitely, or have to Be Compressed by the Juicing Room, It wears off, and While She CAN Roll, It's Nowhere NEAR As Powerful as when She Inflates via Gum

Aura/Semblance: Her Semblance is called Elemental SpeedDustball, Which allows her to embue Elemental Dust into Her Bodily Attacks, and Speed up enough to charge at Opponents; But only works if the User is Flexible and Has Dust.

Backstory/History: One Day when they were BOTH Very young, Two Faunus(aka Violet and Rosso) met, and have Remained Best friends for Life, they did EVERYTHING Together, they Fought Together, they Played together, Nothing was gonna seperate and/or Replace their Bond with one another, However, One day, they were BOTH Together, and they were BOTH Attacked by a Street Rat(Human), and were BOTH Saved by Silver & Lapis Juhachi, and ever since that they, they had become known as Team SLVR, Until one Day, Ghira Belladonna stepped down, and Sienna Kahn started her Terrorist-like regime and Adam sent his Most Loyal Lapdogs to Take out the ones who would threat his & Salem's Plans to eradicate Humanity, as the faunus looked up to them, and wouldn't want to follow through with her plan, So She sent Adam to Send those 4 to Murder them, They Successfully Got Rid of Silver & Lapis Juhachi(Lavender Killed Silver, and Umber Killed Lapis), But Luckily for Violet & Rosso(which means UNLUCKILY For Team BBLU & Adam Taurus & Salem) they survived and Escaped from their Killers(Bergamot tried to Kill Violet, and Basil tried to Kill Rosso; Both Failed; as they are STILL Alive 8 years later)

Team(s): Team SLVR Pre-Series; None(Seasons 1-3); Team LIVR(Seasons 4-Onwards; Has these Members; Lazuli Juhachi, Iggara Ebonivory, and Violet Bluereguard & Rosso Corso)

Themes:… William Tell Overture by Rossini

Quotes: (Simultaneously with Rosso Corsa) "We Will Follow through with Your Vision, Silver & Lapis" 

Silver & Lapis Juhachi, Lazuli Juhachi, Iggara Ebonivory, Violet Bluereguard, Rosso Corsa, The Red S.C.A.R.V.E.S, Team BBLU, Bergamot Loborange, Basil Redwolfe, Lavender Sumac, & Umber Blindeye @ Me AKA LarioLario54321 
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Violet Beauregard & Charlie & The Chocolate Factory @ Roald Dahl
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Lapis Juhachi nee Juunana
Introduction: This is Lapis Juhachi Nee: Juunana; The Mother Of Lazuli Juhachi, who was Specifically Murdered by Umber Blindeye of Team BBLU(Her Father Silver, Was SPECIFICALLY Murdered by Lavender Sumac also from Team BBLU)

Name: Lapis Juhachi nee Juunana

Age: 35

Color: Blue, More Specifically Lapis Lazuli

Race: Human

Influence/reference: Lapis Lazuli(Steven Universe; Basically part of her name and Her Water Powers & Hair Color & Similar Hair Shape) 

Occupation/Setting: Deceased Advocate for Faunus, and Abolitionist working against Racism towards Faunus

Gender: Female

Appearance: She had Blue Hair, had Blue Eyes, A Hairstyle that her Daughter Got from her(along with her Powers,including the same Strengths,  Weaknesses & Limitations) and Wore a Blue Japanese-styled Robe and Dark Blue Long-johns and Blue Velcro-strapped Sneakers

Personality: She was once a Go-with-the-flow Kind of Girl that went wherever the Wind took her; But was Raised to Always treat Others the way SHE would want to be treated; and One Fateful day, She saw Someone Physically Assaulting a Faunus, She wanted to help, But the Guy had a Weapon, and Threatened to Shoot her if she did anything or any move to stop him, HOWEVER, As soon as the Faunus had Screamed, Out came a Guy with Silver Eyes & Silver Hair, who had warded him off, and Made Thick Fog to Make a Getaway for him, Her and The Faunus, and He Told her that You should NEVER be a Bystander, always Help those who are oppressed and Don't care if anyone else hates you for doing the Right thing, Just do it because It's the Right thing to do; They Eventually Married, They Both Rescued 2 Faunuses who were Best Friends(A Male Bat Faunus with a Scar under his right eye, and a Female Hedgehog Faunus with Purple Hair, Heterochromia, with 1 Blue Eye, and 1 Violet Eye, who wore Blue) and they banded together, they eventually had a Daughter, and Raised her to have the same values of Chivalry and Morality as they did; While Ghira Belladonna was in charge of the White Fang, they were Seen as Heroes to Faunus, and were VERY Welcoming toward them; However, One Day after Ghira Belladonna stepped down as Leader of the White Fang, Adam Taurus had his Elite team of Lapdogs take them out, to Move Forward with his Revolution, to Get Rid of Humanity, Lavender Ended up Murdering Silver(aka Lapis' Husband), and the Blind Mouse Faunus, aka Umber Blindeye ended up Murdering Lapis, since Her fire was akin to a Grease fire, and Water does NOTHING to that kind of fire.

Skills and Abilities: She was GREAT At Cooking, She was able to Channel and Control and unlike her Daughter, CREATE Water(at least until Post-timeskip where Lazuli learned how to create water), She was able to Regenerate aura by Drinking Clean Water;

Weapon(s) and fighting style:

She Mainly had a Backpack tank full of Water, which She Used to Fly, to Propell herself Up; She used it to attack and Put out fire; Her Aura was Embued into the Water, But She Couldn't waste ANY of it; She Was Unpredictable, She was able to Use it in Many Ways, Including Forming Water, and Freezing it to make Weapons; however, She CANNOT manipulate or Control Water Vapor, Only Ice & Liquid Water

Aura/Semblance: Her Semblance is Hydrokinesis, which allows her to move, Freeze, Melt, and Manipulate & Create Water

Backstory/History: and One Fateful day, She saw Someone Physically Assaulting a Faunus, She wanted to help, But the Guy had a Weapon, and Threatened to Shoot her if she did anything or any move to stop him, HOWEVER, As soon as the Faunus had Screamed, Out came a Guy with Silver Eyes & Silver Hair, who had warded him off, and Made Thick Fog to Make a Getaway for him, Her and The Faunus, and He Told her that You should NEVER be a Bystander, always Help those who are oppressed and Don't care if anyone else hates you for doing the Right thing, Just do it because It's the Right thing to do; They Eventually Married, They Both Rescued 2 Faunuses who were Best Friends(A Male Bat Faunus with a Scar under his right eye, and a Female Hedgehog Faunus with Purple Hair, Heterochromia, with 1 Blue Eye, and 1 Violet Eye, who wore Blue) and they banded together, they eventually had a Daughter, and Raised her to have the same values of Chivalry and Morality as they did; While Ghira Belladonna was in charge of the White Fang, they were Seen as Heroes to Faunus, and were VERY Welcoming toward them; However, One Day after Ghira Belladonna stepped down as Leader of the White Fang, Adam Taurus had his Elite team of Lapdogs take them out, to Move Forward with his Revolution, to Get Rid of Humanity, Lavender Ended up Murdering Silver(aka Lapis' Husband), and the Blind Mouse Faunus, aka Umber Blindeye ended up Murdering Lapis, since Her Water couldn't put out the Fire of her Sword, as it was more akin to a Grease Fire. Luckily Violet(aka the Blue Hedgehog Faunus) Rolled away from Bergamot due to Her Semblance, and Rosso Corsa(the Bat Faunus) had taken away the Friction of the Ground(akin to Gappy from Jojolion) to trip up Basil; And the 2 of them Escaped; and set off to Inspire some White Fang members who don't agree with Adam Taurus and Still View Lapis & Silver in high Regards, to Splinter off, and Create the Red S.C.A.R.V.E.S. 

Team: Team SLVR

Themes:… Be Water My Friend, By Melodysheep

Lapis Juhachi nee Juunana , Silver Juhachi, Violet Bluereguard, Rosso Corsa, Team SLVR, Umber Blindeye, Lavender Sumac, Basil Redwolfe, Bergamot Loborange, Team BBLU, and Lazuli Juhachi, and The Red S.C.A.R.V.E.S. @ Me AKA LarioLario54321 
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Silver Juhachi
Introduction: This is Silver Juhachi; the Deceased Father of Lazuli Juhachi, He was An Avid and Active Abolitionist who stood up For Faunus, regardless of Any Retribution he would Recieve from Humanity, He Did it because He Felt that it was the Right thing to do; as he Was raised to Treat Everyone equally, to Follow the Golden Rule; Do unto Others as you would want done unto you. He was a Role Model to many Faunus, But Was seen as a Threat by Adam Taurus, as It Impeded on his Crusade against Humanity, so Adam Sent his Lapdogs aka Team BBLU to Murder him & His Wife

Name: Silver Juhachi

Age: 39(before he was Murdered)

Color: Silver

Race: Silver-eyed Warrior/Human

Influence/reference: Android 17(His Hairstyle and Clothes, Including his Pants, Shoes, and Colors of his Shirt, and Scarf), Nami(Fighting style & Weapon)

Occupation/Setting: Deceased Advocate of Equality & Peace between Humans & Faunus 

Gender: Male

Appearance: He has Silver hair and Silver Eyes(Yes he was descended from the Silver-eyed Warriors), He Wore a Fighting Gi with the White & Black of 17's Shirt, and Wore the Same Pants, Socks, & Shoes of Android 17, He has 17's Hairstyle, 

Personality: He was Nice, Polite, Willing to stand Up & fight for what he Believes in, no matter Who Strives to strike him down for it; Humanity & Extremists be Danged; He was very Caring and Considerate, and Willing to help Faunus; He Despised Racism & Bullying, and He Was a Gentleman who would value Honor, and not take any Cheap Shots

Skills and Abilities: He was Good at Meteorology, He Could Read a Map, He could MAKE a Map, He was very good at Navigation, and Using the Weather to his Advantage. as well as able to Construct a Weapon, and Keep the Parts he Needed; He Had an Eidetic Memory(which along with his Silver-eyes, Lazuli also got from him) knowing which parts went where, and how to construct it, as well as where he put them; although He wasn't Not Good at Cooking; only able to Make Cold Cereal, and maybe even Toast. He Also was EXTREMELY Skilled with Using the Silver-eyes

Weapon(s) and fighting style:
He Fought using the Weather to his Advantage; He fought very Similarly to Nami from One Piece, including his Constructable Weather Bo-Staff Where He Used Burstable Balls made out of Various Dusts(Each one based off of the Balls that Nami Used; Using a Hot Fire dust Ball in place of a Hotball, using a Cold Ice-dust Ball in place of a Coldball, using a Lightning Dust Ball as her Thunder Ball; etc), He was also able to Create Rain, Make a Cyclone, Create Illusions & Mirages, create Thick Fog for Escape or Ambushing Opponents while they cannot see; make himself invisible, etc; However He had got the Same Limitations of Nami, and could not do much without his Weapons, and Relied a Bit too Much on his Silver-eyes, which led to his demise

Aura/Semblance:  He was able to Control, and Manipulate and Create Water Vapor & Steam(But only The Gaseous State of Water, UNLIKE His Daughter & Wife),

Backstory/History: From the Time He was Born, all the way to the Day of His Murder, He was raised by his Parents to Always stand up for what is right, and to Defend those who cannot defend themselves, and to stand against Oppression; He Was Performing his Party Tricks, when He Noticed a Shady Man Heading out the Back Door, and Heard a Scream, And He Went to Help, and Saw the Guy Abusing a Faunus, Angered by this, He Gave the Scumbag what for using his Party Batons(which would eventually Inspire his Weapons), and Trapped him in the Fog long enough for him and the Faunus to Escape; He Noticed a Girl who Saw this named Lapis Juunana(His Future Wife), and Admired his Honorability, and He Inspired her to not be a Bystander, and they Fell in Love, Married, Rescued a Bat Faunus & Hedgehog Faunus(AKA Violet Bluereguard & Rosso Corsa), became a Team, they then had a Daughter, Were Admired by the Faunus Community, were Despised by Humans who were Racist, Were then targeted By Team BBLU, For Being a Thorn in the Side of Adam Taurus and Salem for their Plans against Humanity; and he and his Wife were Murdered.

Team: Team SLVR


Silver Juhachi, Lapis Juhachi nee: Juunana, Violet Bluereguard, Rosso Corsa, Team SLVR, Team BBLU @ Me AKA LarioLario54321 
Android 17 @ Akira Toriyama
Nami @ Eiichiro Oda
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Goldio Experience
Introduction: This is Goldio Experience, YES that IS A Jojo Reference; But Unlike Sage Nookaku, It's Not Related to the Ghost-like being known as a Stand manifesting to kick the Butts of those who Wronged their Users; Instead he's More Like Diego Brando[Only He's a Protagonist, and He's not as MALEVOLENT And Human-Genocidal as Dio and/or Adam Taurus; as there ARE A Few Humans he Trusts; I.E. Silver & Lapis Juhachi, Sage Nookaku, etc), But He HAS HAD AN Abusive Human Father, who Beat him like a Drum, and Killed his Mother who tried to save him, And As Such, Only has trust towards Those Humans who work as Abolitionists, and those who aren't racist, and actually Help Faunus, Or Are More Pure-hearted and Special, Such as the ONLY Human to Be Raised in Menagerie, Sage Nookaku)as well as Being a Velociraptor, instead of a Utahraptor

Name: Goldio Experience

Age: 17

Color: Gold

Race: Velociraptor Faunus(Including the Feathers, UNLIKE A certain popular Movie Franchise; In Fact His Golden Locks aren't really Hair, They're Feathers)

Influence/reference: Giorno Giovanna(His Stand is the Source of His Name, and Is Just as much a Protagonist, who wants to help People very much like GioGio), Diego Brando(Tragic Backstory, Semblance, and His Horse, and Unlike His Parts 1-3 Universe Counterpart, DIO wasn't born Pure Evil), Dio( had an Abusive Father)

Occupation/Setting: 1st Year Student at Shade Academy[He Used his Semblance and His Silver-eyed Horse(YES He has THOSE Silver-eyes Same as the Silver Eyed Warriors) he Met while Survivng the Harsh Deserts of Vacuo ,in ORDER To Survive, and Meet Other Non-Racist Humans which He Warmed up to, since Faunus weren't Treated like Crud there]

Gender: Male

Appearance: Has Long Flowing Blond Feathers(They may LOOK like Hair, but they're actually Feathers that Look like Hair), and has Teal Eyes, and a Teal & Gold Feathered Veliciraptor Tail(He Can Retract into, though it takes Aura to Do and Maintain it for as long as Needed, and Usually Only has to do THAT in Other Regions where faunus AREN'T Accepted, or to those He Wishes to gain the Trust of, but would be Scared off by a Humanoid Faunus with a Tail), Wears Golden Glasses(to Show his Kinship with Sage, and Because he Needs them; And they Were Specially Designed to be Usable when He Transforms into Full Featherapod to Still fit OVER His Eyes and His Face; Sage Helped to make them when they First met, as Goldio had a Hard time seeing Especially since Each Pair of Glasses Got Destroyed when He Transformed into a Dinosaur, so He Made a Special Pair of glasses that could fit his face, whether as a Velociraptor or as a Humanoid Faunus; He Also Wears a Teal Cap on his Head, as well as a Teal Turtleneck with a Gold Vest, Brown Gloves(He Takes care of his Adopted Silver-eyed Horse; and Dresses like a Jockey) Wears Brown Pants, with a Hole in them to account for his Tail, and Brown Spurred Boots; When He Transforms into a Velociraptor

Personality: He's a Rough Riding Ambitious Faunus who wishes to Avenge his Mother, and Ensure a Better Future for Faunus and Non-Racist Humans; He Admires the Red S.C.A.R.V.E.S(Services Combatting Against Racism & Violence while fighting Evil, Elitism, and Sectarianism) for their Values, and their Honor towards the Ideal Future that Silver & Lapis Juhachi desired; He has Fury towards his Abusive Father(Who's Dead Now) for Physically Assaulting HIM & His Wife, Who He Killed when she Sacifised her Life to Save his life; While He's Not Ready to trust just ANY Human, He doesn't hate ALL of Humanity, just the Racists & Violent Abusive Ones, But He Does have Respect for those who show Kindness to Other Faunus(another reason He Admires Silver & Lapis Juhachi), those who Earn his Trust, But DOES Hold Contempt for Evil Faunus who Wish for Humanity's Genocide, I.E. Adam Taurus; and Grimm; However, He Sometimes NEEDS to be Kept on a Leash, when faced with EITHER Those that have Betrayed His Trust, or Were Initial Antagonists(Though Luckily His Girlfriend, Ebony Oakley, Descendant of Sandy Oakley, as a Sharpshooter has Great attention to Detail, and is VERY Good at Telling when a Person is Lying, even those Sociopaths who have Trained themselves to Lie without detecting, She's an Unfailable Lie Detector, especially since She's allergic to Lies, and also has a Lie-Detecting Lasso that Forces suspects to tell the Truth, akin to Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth as a Fail-safe)

Skills and Abilities: He's an EXCELLENT Judge of Character, He's also VERY Analytical, and He's a GREAT Cook, He is also a GREAT Planner; He has Great Eyesight, and Sense of Smell

Weapon(s),  fighting style and Aura/Semblance: He uses his Semblance of Dinosaurian Mutation to Transform himself as a Dinosaur, as well as His Silver-eyed Horse, Silver Bullet, and 1 Other Thing, whether another Person[who you can Tell who it is; Due to their Color, and their Pattern on their Back, resembling their Emblems; I.E. Sage's emblem would be a Star(aka JOESTAR), Albino's emblem would be a Top Hat, and Ebony's would be a Target Bullseye with a Scope lens design, which divides the Target into 4, with 4 Lines; etc; and the Species of dinosaurs being representitive of who they are; Whether a Carnivore, Omnivore, or Herbivore, or which ever is the One that they are the MOST Similar to, and/or has the Most Similar Features to; I.E. Albino would be an Ornithimimus(She eats Meat, even though she's a RABBIT Faunus, and She's fast), Sage would be a Troodon(He's very Smart, and He's an Omnivore), His Horse turns into a Silver Iguanadon] or even a Weapon, like a Sword becoming a Therezinosaurus, due to sword-like Claws, or an Empty Suit of Armor into an ankylosaurus; However, He can ONLY Turn 3 things or Organisms into a Dinosaur at a Time, and while he CAN Control them, they won't necessarily Obey, Unless they're someone that Trusts him, I.E. His Horse or his Teammates 

Backstory/History: When He was Young, He was Often Physically Abused by His Father, and when His Mother stepped in to Save his life after an EXTREMELY Bloody and Bruised thrashing, He Killed her for taking away his Sense of Superiority and Power, by Beating her into a Bloody Pulp until she was a carcass; He Ran away, to a Telephone Booth, to Call the Police, who then while his Pure Evil Father was busy Still Punching his Dead Wife's Carcass, he was shot by a Police Officer; and before she Died, She told him to Never let go of your Love and Honor; He Then Went to Vacuo from Meneragie(in a Seperate area away from Where Sage Lived) to Get Stronger, after He was also sent to the Hospital to heal and fix his Damaged body; After several years of Physical & Mental Healing, He was going to Vacuo, to get Stronger and See the Better Half of Humanity, the Kind Abolitionist Half, VERY Much Unlike his Father of Pure Evil(as Pure evil as DIO, But as Physically Abusive as Dario Brando and THENSOME); He Survived in the Desert for 5 Years, Getting stronger, as well as Meeting a Special Horse with Silver Eyes who he Witnessed Killing a Grimm with his Silver-eyes with Wing-shaped Light coming out of his Eyes, and Disintegrating the Grimm; ever since then, they've had an Excellent Bond with each Other, like a Boy and His Horse

Team: Team SAGE

Themes:… Glee Mashup of Thriller(Michael Jackson) and Heads will Roll(Yeah Yeah Yeahs)

Quotes: "Hi Ho, Silver Bullet AWAY!!!"

Goldio Experience, His Pure Evil Abusive Father, His Kind Mother, as well as Sage Nookaku, Albino Caerbannog, & Ebony Oakley(and Her Ancestor, Sandy Oakley) and The Red S.C.A.R.V.E.S @ Me AKA LarioLario54321 
The White Fang, Vacuo, RWBY & Shade Academy @ montyoum 
Giogio(Giorno Giovanna), Diego Brando, Dio & Dario Brando & Jojo's Bizarre Adventure @ Hirohiko Araki
Mega Anime Avatar Creator @ Rinmaru 
Albino Caerbannog
Introduction: This is Albino Caerbannog, A Tomboyish Albino Rabbit Faunus with a SEVERE Dust Allergy(Both the DUST That is an Energy source that comes is both in Crystallized Form and in Powdered form; AND The Fuzzy stuff that attachs to Furniture when it's not dusted in a while) that makes it hard for her to Breathe, So She Uses a Facial Gastank to Filter all the Fust out of the Air; and is the Childhood Best Friend/Romantic Interest of Sage Nookaku, the Human Boy Born & Raised from Menagerie; 

Name: Albino Caerbannog(Refers to the Killer Rabbit from the Monty Python & the Holy Grail Movie; and Her White Hair and Red eyes, that originate from lack of Pigment because of albinism)

Age: 17

Color: White

Race: Albino Rabbit Faunus

Influence/reference: Stage Magicians(Especially with her Semblance), The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog(Her Design, Species, Red Eyes, and Temperment, and the Fact that she eats Meat, INSPITE Of Her Species of Faunus), Tracer/Lena Oxton(Her EXACT Voice and her Weakness of not being able to Use Her Abilities when she uses them too often and Too Frequent in Consecutive spurts of Intervals of time), Brook(One Piece; her Use of a Cane Sword, and Her Musical Talent; Unlike Brook, She has a Cane Bow that is Exclusively for playing her Violin, since she would end up destroying and Cutting through her Violin, strings & All with a Cane sword; REALITY ENSUES)

Occupation/Setting: 1st Year Student at Shade Academy

Gender: Female

Appearance: She has White Hair, and Red Eyes(same pigment as the Blood vessels in her Eyes) and White Rabbit Ears, Wears a Gasmask(due to her DUST & dust Allergies), a Inverted Magicians Tuxedo Pantsuit(with a Red-Ribbon around her Top-hat, and a Red Neck-tie)

Personality: She's a Tomboy with an Interest in BOTH Music & Stage Magic, But Is VERY Scary & Dangerous When Angered or threatened, and She's Very Sassy; and She Loves to Perform; She's also Got a Resentment for Schnee Dust Company, Due to Faunus Slavery-Esque Labor, and their Products that are Hazardous to HER Health, aka DUST, Due to her Severe DUST and dust Allergy, and Despises Racists and Bullies, and Like a Real Rabbit, Once she is mistreated or Bullied, She Holds a Grudge and Even after the Small Chance of them Apologizing, She Still Remains Untrusting of them, and Gives them an ice-cold stare that Scares them. She Also Has Respect towards Humans who are Abolishists, such as Silver & Lapis Juhachi(EVERYONE on Meneragie has Heard of them, and holds them in High Regard), and Strong Disdain towards Faunus who Resort to Terrorism like Sienna Khan's Leadership of the White Fang into a Terrorist Regime Underworld-bent on Destroying Humanity 

Skills and Abilities: She's an Excellent Violinist, and She's excellent at Swordsmanship; She Can Also Disappear into Smoke(No Mirrors Required; and Unlike REAL Stage Magicians who use Misdirection for their Tricks, She actually Disappears & Teleports with using her Aura-Activated Smoke which actually is able to Choke and Harm Grimm akin to what she's allergic to) 

Weapon(s) and fighting style:

She's Extremely Skilled with Using a Japanese Cane-sword that is a Cane that conceals a Thin Sword; Which She uses along with her Smoke-Teleportation Semblance(Most Likely related to her Aura that is as toxic as Dust to Grimm, but doesn't trigger her Allergies), to Weaken and Slice through grimm at Pinpoint Precision at places on the Grimm where they are Weakened, akin to an Achilles's Heel(Don't worry, I wasn't referring to the Most Tragic Event in RWBY Season 3, I Was talking about the Legend she was inspired by), But She Can Only Use so Much, She's not able to Teleport any distance farther than a 1-mile Radius at a Time, and Cannot use her Smoke Teleportation too Often, or else she'll Run out of Stamina & Aura, and Will have to wait for it to fully Recharge in 1 Hour.

Aura/Semblance: Her Aura and Semblance are Teleportation via Smoke(akin to a Magician, Except it's not just "Smoke & Mirrors" or the Concept of Misdirection) which somehow is Toxic towards Grim(It harms them as much as dust does to both Grimm AND Albino)

Backstory/History: Ever since She was a Young Faunus, She's had Severe Allergic Reactions to Dust( BOTH the Crystallized and/or Powered Energy source of Remnant and the Dust that we'd find out in the REAL WORLD, AKA Dust Bunnies); And One day, she was saved by the ONLY Human ever to be Born & Raised in Menagerie, who gave her something that she still uses today, a Breathing mask that filters the Dust from the Air and allows her to breathe. When She was 14, She Traveled to Vacuo, since that way, She'd not only build up strength, But ALSO have Much Less Racism to put her down, as they Admire anyone who's strong enough to survive the Arid Region, whether they are Faunus OR Human, and because of that, She Could be able to perform her Stage Magic Tricks, and Her Violin Playing; She survived there for a whole year, and was then Accepted by the Vacuo People, Since she was able to Survive; One Year Later, Her Childhood Best Friend, Sage had arrived to Vacuo, in order to get stronger, and to be accepted, since anywhere Else He'd be Ridiculed by Racists, and have to Wear an Itchy Skin-Irritating Uniform, But A Year Later he was such a Survivor, Due to His Creativity in Using His Semblance of Thoughtform and his Strength from Surviving the Arid Region and Fighting Grimm, and the Fact that He had Such Good Grades in Menegarie, He was granted the ability to Join Shade Academy 1 year Early; And since they Reunited, and Formed Team SAGE, Along with a Decendent of the Best Sharpshooter in Remnant History, Sandy Oakley, AND A Golden-Haired Dinosaur Faunus who could turn from humanoid Faunus to Full Dinosaur(as well as turn 2 Other things that aren't himself into Dinosaurs, Including His Silver-eyed Horse named Silver Bullet)

Team: Team SAGE

Themes:… Reflected Laughter from Kirby: Triple Deluxe by Nintendo & HAL Laboratories

Quotes: "Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys & Girls, Humans & Faunus, Welcome to My Show; And Watch me Disappear with No Mirrors, But PLENTY of Smoke" "Smoke, but no Mirrors"  "Oh Bollocks"

Sage Nookaku, Albino Caerbannog, and The Rest of Team SAGE And Silver & Lapis Juhachi @ Me aka LarioLario54321 
Shade Academy & RWBY @ montyoum 
Mega Anime Avatar Creator @ Rinmaru 
Lazuli juhachi Post-timeskip
Introduction: This is Lazuli Juhachi, a Girl who can Control Water and 2 of the 3 States of Matters of Water, and has Eidetic Memory, and uses Water Bottles she fills with Water and Dust to use as Weapons(she can Freeze them to become Swords, similar to the Ones Mike Ilaqua from Balacing Act by Kirbopher15 uses) and can replenish her Aura by Drinking ANY Water(BUT O-N-L-Y Water; No Juice, Soda, Cider, Wine, Beer, Booze, etc although she CAN Drink Sparkling Water though it gets her Drunk; she Does that when she's drowning her Sorrows in Grieving her Parents' Murder)

Name: Lazuli Juhachi

Age: 16

Color: Lapis Lazuli

Race: Silver-Eyed Warrior/Human

Influence/reference: Lapis Lazuli(Design & Name), Mike Ilaqua(from Balancing Act by Kirbopher15, mainly the use of Water Bottles in Combat)

Occupation/Setting: First Year Student at Beacon (season 1-3 Pre-timeskip) Co-leader of the RED S.C.A.R.V.E.S(Services Combatting Against Racism & Violence while fighting Evil, Elitism & Sectarianism) and Leader of Team LIVR(Seasons 4-Ongoing)

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Previously a Hetero-Romantic Asexual, But Eventually Realizes she's more of a Hetero-romantic Demisexual(She has to form a Strong enough Bond with Someone to become infatuated with them; as She now is in love with The Other Current Co-Leader of the Red S.C.A.R.V.E.S. Iggara Ebonivory since he admires her and her Parents, have the same Ideal Goals, and Want to Pass down her Silver-eye Gene, as well as bear a Faunus baby from a Human & Faunus, to Show the Product of a Faunus/Human Relationship, and the Good that can show that Humans and Faunus can get along)

Appearance: She Has Silver Eyes(Yes, She has the Silver Eyes ability just like Ruby rose; and She got both her Silver-colored Eyes & Silver-Eyes Ability from her Father) & Blue Hair VERY SIMILAR To Lapis Lazuli, wears a blue Hoodie, and Dark Blue Jeans and Blue Sneakers and Often carries a Blue Backpack(Full of Water bottles both for Combat for grimm and Non-grimm alike, and for Aura Replenishment and Nourishment), and a Hammerspace Purse(where she keeps her School Supplies, Her Lunch, Her Money, ANYTHING She Needs for School & for Life); Now she wears a Zipper-Jacket with a Red Scarf(the Symbolization of the Red S.CA.R.V.E.S)

Personality: She's very Smart, A VERY Good Judge of Character(can Tell when someone's bad, such as Emerald & Mercury Black, so SHE WOULDN'T be Easy to dupe), and Very Organized(can Remember Which Bottles she Filled with Dust, which she can drink, where she put them, and can find anything she needs with ease); She's a Good Cook, due to her Eidetic Memory of Recipes she's ever Seen, though cannot stand dusty(NOT RWBY Dust, I Mean the other kind of dust, as In what what can find in the Real World, I.E. Dust Bunnies)  Filthy rooms(she cleans her room), and Is Studious, and will stay up ALL Night to finish any assignments. She also DESPISES Bullies & Criminals, and Hates Racists & Racism(whether the racism applies to Faunus OR Humans with Different Skin Tones) And Really gets Steaming Furious when Someone Says something bad about her Parents(That gets her Boiling mad) especially if its a Human who belittles them for Helping faunus, and Especially gets Furious when it comes to the White Fang, More Specifically Adam Taurus and His Elite Lapdogs, Team BBLU(Pronounced Baby Blue); But once she heard about what Adam did to Yang's Arm, She Realized she was No Match for him, and Left Beacon to go home, but then found the 2 Living Remainders of Team SLVR, The Team Founded by her Parents.

Skills and Abilities: Is able to Cook Any Recipe she Ever Saw in a book, can Remember anything she studies(that's why She Gets Good Grades, Because of Her Eidetic Memory visualizing the answers from the Study Material She read shown as a Picture), is VERY Organized, and very Resourceful; She ALSO Has Extremely Good Swimming abilities

Weapon(s) and fighting style: She Mainly Used to only use Water Bottles filled with Dusts, and Freezes them into Swords akin to the Ones Mike Ilaqua from Balancing Act by Kirbopher15 uses, and sometime  Use Canteens, that are Pre-Filled with Dust and frozen, and Throws them as a Discus/Chakram/Frisbee, and Can Freeze & Unfreeze Water; though Her Main Weakness is: She CANNOT control or Manipulate the Gasous State of Water: Water Vapor, as it has NO Definite Shape or volume(Solids have both a Definite Volume and A Definite Shape, Liquids have No Definite Shape but have A Definite Volume, and is at a HUGE disadvantage when she's up against something that could either Melt Or Evaporate or Vaporize her Watery-weapons, and she Used to be Unable to Create her Own Water; but Now after the Timeskip, She can control Raindrops, Snowflakes, make a Big ball of Water, and also make wings made of water(akin to Lapis Lazuli), But Still cannot control Water Vapor, only Liquid & Solid Ice(So that she DOESN'T Become too OP)

Aura/Semblance: Her Semblance is called Aquakinesis, which allows her to Move, and Manipulate Water and NOW Create Water; She can Replenish her Aura by Drinking Water, but ONLY by Water, though if there ISN'T Any Water, she's done.

Backstory/History: Her Mother, Lapis Juhachi was an Active fighter against Racism towards Faunus, even if she WAS Rejected by Humans, and Racists, for doing that, she was a Hero in the Eyes of the Faunus, But when the White Fang was taken over by Adam Taurus, things got worse, she was No Longer respected by the Majority of Faunus who have shifted their views toward Adam who had secretly had her and Lazulis' Silver-Eyed Father Murdered by His Elite team called BBLU who was EVER ONLY loyal to him, to Take them out so His Revolution wouldn't be halted, and She Wants Vengance against Team BBLU for Killing her Parents. she graduated from Sanctum Academy 1 year early at the Top of her grad, and Got Invited to join Beacon Academy, which she GLADLY Accepted; She and Tawny found the SECOND White Bishop and than became part of Team MLCT; But Eventually Left Team MLCT, After Seeing Beacon get Destroyed, and Seeing Yang Lose her Arm, She got discouraged because she KNEW he was too powerful to take on; She Eventually met Violet Bluereguard & Rosso Corso, and Eventually Co-Led the Red S.C.A.R.V.E.S With her New Best Friend, Iggara Ebonivory;

Team: FORMERLY Team MLCT(Malachite) Now Leader of Team LIVR

Theme: Lapis Lazuli's Theme by the Crewniverse…

Team MLCT & Lazuli Juhachi and Tawny Osmond and Lapis Juhachi & Silver Juhachi, & Violet Bluereguard & Rosso Corsa & Team LIVR @ Me AKA LarioLario54321 
Mega Anime Avatar Creator @ Rinmaru 
RWBY @ montyoum 
Mike Ilaqua and Balancing act @ Kirbopher15 
Brando Avatario
Name: Brando Avatario
Basis: Mii Swordfighter, Frog(His Were-Form when Bitten by Crinkly-Wrinkly the Elderly Wolf Hero) AKA Glenn from Chrono Trigger
Level: 9
Age: 21(Youngest Brother of three)
Race: Human
Relatives: Brawly Avatario(Older Brother), Flintlock Avatario(Oldest Brother)
Biggest Fear: Lightning(He's afraid of Getting electrocuted and dying from it; ESPECIALLY Since It's EXTREMELY Dangerous as He's a Swordman, and Swords are made of Metal and as such, are likely to Conduct Electricity, and get struck by Lightning)
Were-Form: Frog(Due to his Ability to Jump Higher than his Brothers)
Friends: KO, Radicles, Mr Gar, Teresa Humphrey, Mister Tyler "Ty" Mikeson, Fridgerapod, Lee "Lee-chan" Kunoichi-Shinobi, Trenchcoat Noir, Engeluhend Krankenschwester
In-Between: Enid(Doesn't like seeing her getting all swoony when she sees a Hot Looking Lady, So He Focuses on the OTHER Lady instead of Enid, as He's a Chick Magnet however, Only Woman who either Go Both Ways, or are ONLY interested in Men are Attracted to him)
Enemies: Lord Boxman, Cephalo Romancia(trust me, THE NEXT DEVIATION WILL BE ABOUT HIM)
Occupation(s): Drifter Hero alongside his Brothers; He's Mostly in it for the Money, so He Can Buy More Swords to add to his Arsenal of Swords
Affiliations: Lakewood turbo plaza, Elmwoode Nitro Emporium
Appearance: He has Brown Hair and Brown Eyes like his Brothers, Often carries a Sword with him, and has a Blue Color Scheme(Except for in what he Wears MOST Often, A Shirt VERY MUCH Inspired by the Smash bros DLC T-shirt
Personality: He's a Sword Otaku whose VERY Much Into the Studying, the Buying, the Obtaining, and Collection of Swords, and Using them in Combat, who also Loves Dating Women, whether they're Human, Dhampyr, Alien, or Monster, even Robot chicks, as Long as they have Interest in Men, He's willing to date them anyone)
Special Move(s); these Guys have a Different Set of Moves, and in order to Show their Full Fighting Style of Each Triplet in their Own Seperate Deviation, I Need to show more than just the "Special Move", which is akin to a Final Smash:

Basic Move(Neutral B Move): Consecutive Blade Flurry(Basically the Blurring Blade from Smash)

Sideshow Move (Side-B Move): Slice Propulsion(Basically the Slash Launcher from Smash)

Upstanding Move(Up B Move): Upward Slicenado(Basically the Skyward Slash Dash

Downward Move(Down B Move; He Has 2 that are Interchangable, and Able to switch from the ability to do either one of my Favorite Down-Bs, to the Other one I Like; so He Can Change his sword to be able to do a Counterattack like Blade Counter, or be able to Reflect Projectiles like with Reversal Slash): Counterslash AND/OR Reflection Blade

Ultimate Finisher/ TRUE Special Move/Final Smash: Sword Beam Barrage(Basically the Final Edge Final Smash of the Mii Swordfighter)

List of Clothes(This Segment Only applies to The Avatario Triplets and will only be Including with THESE 3): 

I. Clothes
  A. Cybernetic Outfit
  B. Plate Armor(Being a Knight, further Symbolizing Frog/Glenn and His Wereform being based off of Frog from Chrono Trigger)
  C. Samurai Armor
  D. Neon Suit(His Personal Favorite, He's a Fan of Cyberpunk & Tron)
  E. Smashing T-Shirt(Default & Wearing)
II. Headgear
  A. Frog Hat(Referencing his Wereform & Glenn the Frog Knight from Chrono Trigger
  B. Star 133t Helmet(DEFAULT)
  C. Samurai Helmet
  D. Spartan Knight Helmet

Brawly Avatario, and His Brothers Flintlock & Brando, Teresa Humphrey, Mister Tyler "Ty" Mikeson, Fridgerapod, Lee "Lee-chan" Kunoichi-Shinobi, Trenchcoat Noir, Engeluhend Krankenschwester, Elmwoode Nitro Emporium & Cephalo Romancia @ Me AKA LarioLario54321 
KO, Mr. Gar, Radicles, Enid, Lakewood Turbo Plaza, Crinkly-Wrinkly & OK KO Lets be Heroes @ Ian Quartey-Jones
Mii Swordfighter @ Nintendo
Frog/Glenn & Chrono Trigger @ Square Enix(I REALLY wish they'd remake Chrono Trigger, especially with the Artstyle of Akira Toriyama, aka the Creator of The Dragon Ball Franchise & Dragon Quest)
Mega Anime Avatar Creator @ Rinmaru 
Other Goldenrim


Name: Otherio Goldenrim; Beldio Buttoneyes(True Identity)

Nickname(s): Goldy, Buttons, 

Gender: Male

Species: Otherquestrian Horse

Age: 1(He was ONLY Created by Beldam Buttoneyes 1 Year before He Switched Lives with the REAL Brainy)

Birthday: MAY 9

Sexuality: Heteroromantic Heterosexual

Allegiance: Equestria



Body color: Caucasian-Colored

Body type: Tall 

Mane color/style: Brown

Markings (Stripes, spots, whatever):

Eyes: Brown Button Eyes

Cutie mark: NONE(He doesn't want people to Mistrust him because of what might show up, and Expose his True Monsterous Form, UNWILLINGLY)

Accessories: Golden Glasses

Height (Equines are almost always measured in hands): 17.75 Hands

Weight: 242 Pounds

Notable features: His Brown Buttons for eyes

Other: N/A



Personality in general: Pretty Much the POLAR Opposite of his Original Equestrian Counterpart; He's Outgoing, VERY Friendly, and Laidback, as well as a Comedian; 

Fatal flaw: Too Trusting, as He Often Falls for Discord's Pranks(though He KNOWS Due to his Arachna-6th Sense, But follows through just to Please him), and Often Aims to Please as Many as Possible; He's a Yes-Horse, trying to appease the Pleasures and Desires of the Many; Except for ANY Stallions who want to go out with him, As He's Just not Interested in ANY Stallion, in THAT kind of way, and Politely Declines any such Romantic or OTHERWISE relationships with Stallions

Likes: Sweets, Friends, Sewing, Knitting, Saving the Day as an Alterego; Arachnastud; 

Dislikes: Being Alone, Being Shamed, Having ANY HORSE, DRAGON, ETC find out about His True Origins, Being Asked about his Mother, or Family in General

Favorite food: ANY Kind of Sweet

Favorite book: A Twist of Fate: History Edition(Basically, a What-If Reversal of History; Like say, Princess Luna Banishing Daybreaker to the Sun for a Millenium, etc); An Insight into the Human Realm(Basically The Realm of Equestria Girls)

Favorite pony: Celestia(Has a Mini-Crush on Her; But Since She's WAY Out of ANY HORSE'S League; and also He has ANOTHER Significant Other), Cheese Sandwich(Loves his Songs)

Favorite animal: Centaur

Favorite song: Any Song written by Weird Al 

Favorite place: Equestria

Other favorites: Favorite Movie(s): Good Hay Burger(Welcome to Good hayburger, Home of the Good Hayburger, Can I Take your Order), Hay Arnold: The Jungle Movie; Favorite TV Show: Hay Arnold, and Teen Trojans(The ORIGINAL); Favorite Anime: Attack on Trojans(basically the Titans are Gargantuan Trojan Horses),

Least favorite Food: Peppers(Too Hot and WAY Too Spicy; He Has a Delicate Taste)

Other least favorites: Least Favorite Movie: Toddler Trojans: Travel to the Cinema; Least favorite tv Show: Toddler Trojans(YOU Know what I Mean; AKA The Equestrian Version of Toddler Titans) Least Favorite Place: Otherquestria; Least Favorite Being: His Mother


Daily life

Place of residence: Equestria

Occupation: Classified(He's Secretly Arachnastud; But He's EXTREMELY Subtle, and Makes it so that No-one Suspects him; I.E. Adding a Tail to His Costume to Make the Supposed Liklihood of him being Arachnastud Unlikely, as He DOESN'T Have a Tail; Having the Suit not have Holes to expose his Button eyes, etc)

Talents: Able to Sew, and Tie Up Neighr-do-Wells; Make Uncanny Impressions of Other Horses' Voices and Appearences(Aside from the Button-Eyes, ALBEIT The Buttons ARE the Same Color as the Horse's or otherwise's Eye Color; Shapeshift, etc.

Hobbies: Listening to Cheese Sandwich's Music, Watching TV, Cosplaying, etc.


Friends and family

Mother: Beldam Buttoneyes(
Ex-Mother-In-Law: Vyce(An EVIL Greedy Fat Western-Styled Dragoness with Red-Eyes and Black-Skin whom Sees her Daughter as Treasure to be Hoarded and Nothing else; As Such, Her Ex-Husband divorced her, and Took his Daughter to Equestria to Have a Better life for the Both of them)

Father: Other Father
Father-in-Law: Virtuous Tenderheart(A Unidragon with White Skin, and Blue Eyes, and White Feathers akin to A Mane(akin to Kisara's Hair) who is UNLIKE The Other Dragons, as in Much Nicer, and much more Generous; and Works at the Mines, and Takes EXCELLENT Care of his Daughter, and is a Size-Shifter)

Siblings: None

Other relatives: None

Lover/spouse: Goldra Tenderheart(A Golden Dragon, with Golden Skin, and Green Eyes, and Like Her Father, Isn't like the Other Dragons, She Doesn't Breathe Fire, She Exhales Ice, or at least, Freezing Cold Breath, and She has a Special Power, the Ability to Create Gold, which is WHY Her Mother only views her as a Hoardable Treasure who's sole Purpose is to make more Gold to Hoard; Otherio was the FIRST Horse to Ever treat her with Sincere Kindness, and to Not just be Using her for her Special Power, and was the FIRST Being to treat him with Kindness even AFTER His Secret was Exposed on Nightmare Night)

Offspring: None(For Now; She's only a Few Years Old)

Friends: Spike, Rarity, Cheese Sandwich, Discord, any Reformed Villians 

Enemies: Daybreaker, Chrysalis, 

Pets: Yarn Kitty(A Black Cat with Blue Button-eyes He Created)


Magic (Skip if your OC doesn’t use magic)

Powers: Sewing, ability to Grow Hands and Limbs, and Spiderlegs, able to Spin Webs, Knit, And has a 6th Sense akin to a "Spider-sense", and the Ability to Turn Invisible, etC

                How do they use them? With his Mind

Do they like using magic? yes and no

                Why or why not? He loves to Save any individual in Danger, But fears them either getting Scared of him, or figuring out his Origins and Shunning him because of it



Other info

Backstory/past: He was a Creation of Beldam Buttoneyes, but Wouldn't be her Mindless Puppet, and Spent 1 Year Trying to Avoid her, and Trying to Stay Alive, then One Fateful day, He saw some Horse who Looked EXACTLY Like him, But Was too Kind-Hearted to let His mother steal his Eyes, so Warned him to steer him away, However, His Other Self REALLY Loathed his world of Existance, so He Decided to Switch Planes of Existance; and both of them were Happy Living in their New Worlds

Quote: "I Really don't want to talk about Any Details about my Life; It's a Touchy Subject" 

Any other info on your character: 

Other Goldenrim/Beldio Buttoneyes, Beldam Buttoneyes, Goldra Tenderheart, Vyce, and Virtuous Tenderheart amd ArachnaStud @ Me AKA LarioLario54321 
MLP @ Hasbro
MLP Character Creator@ generalzoi 
Coraline Picture of Other Mother's Workshop @ Coraline.Com
Arachnastud can Be Found HERE:


Journal History

These are a Trio of triplets who are my next OK KO OCs after I Do Tyler Mikeson, and Lee-Chan, the remaining Elmwoode Heroes that can be Made using the Mega anime avatar creator of Rinmaru ; based off of the Mii Fighters, the Gunner, Brawler, and Swordsman; They will be submitted in the order from Who's the Oldest, to Who's the Youngest; 

Flintlock Avatario Flintlock Avatario by LarioLario54321; He's the Oldest, and is Based off of the Mii Gunner, and his Favorite Color is Green

Brawly Avatario: Brawly Avatario by LarioLario54321; He's The Middle Child, and is Based off of the Mii Brawler, Favorite Color is Red

Brando Avatario: He's the Youngest; and is Based off of the Mii Swordsfighter; Favorite Color is Blue



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