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Gen I. Kanto

    A. Shiny Mega-evolvable Venusaur Named Budd

    B. Shiny Mega-evolvable Charizard named Torch

    C. Shiny Mega-evolvable Blastoise named F.L.U.D.D.

    D. Shiny Vaporeon named Hydro

    E. Shiny Kingler named Claw

    F. Shiny Muk named Venom

    G. Shiny Tauros Named Ben-K

    H. Shiny Snorlax named Albert(Because he's fat; Hey! Hey! Hey!)

    (I). Shiny Clefable named Pixkii

    J. Shiny Crobat named Bruce

    K. Shiny Primeape named Poke-kong

    L. Shiny Lapras named Nessie

    M. Shiny Pidgeot named Wilbur(As in Wilbur Wright)

    N. Shiny Haunter named Polter

    O. Shiny Female Raichu named Rai

    P. Shiny Ditto named Morfr

    Q. Shiny Nidoking named Barrow

    R. Shiny NidoQueen named Gonnie
    S. Shiny Mew named Feedis[play on the word Fetus(Refering to the fact that Mew looks like an embryo)]


Gen II. Johto

    A. Shiny Meganium named Herbisaur

    B. Shiny Feraligatr named Donald(Because he used to sound like Donald Duck)

    C. Shiny Typholosion named Pyroquill

    D. Shiny Noctowl named Sor-N

    E. Shiny Donphan named Tuskz

    F. Shiny Miltank named Bovilla

    G. Shiny Mega-evolvable Tyranitar named Joguyra

    H. Shiny Mega-Evolvable Gyarados Named Misty[Because Misty(The Gym Leader whose japanese name is Kasumi) has the Short temper of a Gyarados]

    (I). Shiny Mega-evolvable Heracross named Beetl

Gen III. Hoenn

    A. Shiny Swellow named Spair-O

    B. Shiny Sceptile named Spruce

    C. Shiny Female Mega-evolvable Blaziken named Pyroken

    D. Shiny Swampert named Baiyu

    E. Shiny Crawdaunt named Lobstir

    F. Shiny Torkoal Named Carbon

    G. Shiny Mega-Evolvable Gardevoir named Belle

    H. Shiny Glalie named I-C

    (I). Shiny Mega-Evolvable Mawile named Jaws
    J. Shiny Female Seviper named Juliet
    K. Shiny Male Zangoose named Romeo

Gen IV. Sinnoh

    A. Shiny Female Staraptor named Mohawk

    B. Shiny Torterra named Turtree

    C. Shiny Infernape named Cackarott

    D. Shiny Empoleon named Bonaparte

    E. Shiny Female Floatzel Named Boyant

    F. Shiny Gliscor named Scorpia

    G. Shiny Female Gabite named Finnah

    H. Shiny Mega-Evolvable Lucario named Ryu

    (I). Shiny Togekiss named Pokéange-L

    J. Shiny Glaceon named Cryo

    K. Shiny Female Shinx named Kymba

    L. Shiny Female Shaymin named Chia (Ch-ch-ch-chia)
    M. Shiny Froslass named Polterice

GEN V. Unova

    A. Shiny Male Unfezant named Pigeun

    B. Shiny Dewott named Ashawott(I named him after Ash)
    C. Shiny Servine named Leaviper

    D.  Shiny Scrafty named Baggee

    E. Shiny Leavanny named Classhoppr

    F. Shiny Female Seismitoad named Seismitine

    G. Shiny Gigalith named Rockmon

    H. Shiny Female Krookadile named Gharial

    (I). Shiny Purrloin named Purronjo[Purr + Doronjo(Her face looks JUST LIKE Doronjo's Mask)]
    J. Shiny Klink named Colonel(GET IT? Colonel KLINK!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA  Lol  )

GEN VI. Kalos

    A. Shiny Chespin named Checkmate

    B. Shiny Female Fennekin named Mozilla

    C. Shiny Froakie named Kermit

    D. Shiny Slurpuff named Sucrose

    E. Shiny Aromatisse named Bubonnia

    F. Shiny Fletching named Robin

    G. Shiny Female Goodra named Slimer

    H. Shiny Noivern named Wayne

    (I). Shiny Male Sylveon named Sylvester

    J. Shiny Female Furfrou named Cleo

    K. Shiny Male Meowstic named Raveeoh

    L. Female Meowstic named Hilldah

    M. Aegislash named Hexcalibr

    N. Shiny Female Amaura named Cryogeo

    O. Shiny mega-evolvable Aggron named RMore

    P. Shiny Male Pyroar named Cinba






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